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LEGAL TEAM during the NATO-summit

During the NATO-summit we will be there to support you, if you have trouble with police an repression. The legal team works together with lawyers in solidarity.

Most important infos:
You can contact the Legal Team on both sides of the river from 30.th of march.
Legal Team Strasbourg: +33 (0)
Legal Team Germany: +49 761 4097251

You can call both numbers, doesn`t matter from where to where. Just be sure to tell the country you are, to the Legal Team.

If you get arrested
Always: Call your name to the people arround you, when you get arrested. Don´t tell anything to the police, just your name and personal datas from your ID. Don´t talk with others about what you might have done, its better to exchange legal-tips and your contact.

In France: If you are stopped and put into police custody, you will not be able to contact the Legal Team. You must ask for “a lawyer assigned by the court”.
If you are presented to a judge after being taken into custody, ask the State-appointed lawyer if s/he is part of the Legal Team. If not, tell her/him that you want a lawyer from the Legal Team.

In germany you can call the Legal Team directly and tell them about your arrest. Insist on this phonecall!

If you see someone getting arrested, ask for her/his name, date of birth and tell it to the Legal Team in France or Germany.

After your release
Write down a short memory. Make fotos of you insuries and let attest them by a doctor. Don´t forget to inform the Legal Team about your release.

Legal Team direct
At the camp, in Molodoi and at the infopoints are people from the Legal Team. There you can get legal-tips in different languages. At the camp there will be probably consultation hours with lawyers from the Legal Team.

What you can do
For sure we need your help! Spread this information, print out the french and german legal tips and give them to your friends. If you have a car, go to the camp infopiont and join the prisoners support. These are people, who pick up released prisoners.

Before, during and after the protest you can contact us, even if you are hit by repression after months.

antirep-nato09 [at] immerda.ch
legalteam-strasbourg [at] effraie.org

More news, legal support etc.

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