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Welcome to the website of the NATO Welcoming Committee. The committee is linked to the Anti-Militarist Network.

In November the NATO Parliamentary Assembly will meet in Edinburgh. As anti-militarists we aim to shut it down.

We are calling for a mass demo to try and shut down NATO on Friday the 13th of November, the first day of the assembly.

The NATO Welcoming Committee will provide a convergence space for activists to converge and stay in throughout the Assembly, as well as providing food, medical services in terms of street medics and a well-stocked medics space, legal support through the Scottish Activist Legal Project, trauma support and other forms of support to activists. The NATO Welcoming Committee has signed up to the AMN’s principles. These are:

  • We embrace a diversity of tactics
  • We will not publicly condemn other peoples actions
  • We have a respect for life

See you on the streets!

More: http://natowc.noflag.org.uk

Source: http://natowc.noflag.org.uk