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Call for a picnic to support the political prisoners of the NATO summit:

May 5, 2009 at 12am the Tribunal de Grande Instance de Strasbourg

The "Legal Team" of Strasbourg invites everyone to gather for a picnic (remember to bring your food) in front of the Tribunal de Grande Instance in Strasbourg to support the accused of the NATO summit.

That day the stakes are high: at 2pm there will be the trials of some of the arrested.

Solidarity is our most effective weapon against the criminalization of the social movement and that is why the Legal Team also calls for:
1) Donations to assist all political prisoners.
2) People to provide testimony on the police violence before, during and after the NATO summit …

The Legal Team Anti-repression is not a party, nor a trade union, nor an association, it is a tool of social struggles. It exists for all victims of the Police state.

To contact the legal team: legalteam-strasbourg@effraie.org

For informations and donations: www.antirepression.org

Solidarity with all prisoners
No prisons
No to “social prisons”

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