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Call for an international mobilization in solidarity with the convicted rioters of Genoa 2001

On 13th July the last grade of judgment against 10 comrades, convicted for having participated in the clashes occurred in Genoa in 2001 on the occasion of the G8 summit, will be held.

The comrades were given heavy sentences, ranging from 10 to 15 years, by the Court of Genoa and now their imprisonment may become executive.

Ten people are being used as scapegoat: through them, the State wants to attack the hundreds of thousands of people who took to the streets in those days, and particularly those who contributed to unleash the revolt against the arrogance of the Powerful. We won’t accept the reprisal of the State; condemning these comrades means to attack the whole movement.

In the meantime the responsible for the indiscriminate massacre, the raid at the Diaz school, the tortures in the Bolzaneto police barracks and the murder of Carlo Giuliani can sleep soundly in their beds as they were awarded for their actions of slaughter.

Bild: Genua

We think it is our precise responsibility to give solidarity to the convicted comrades, to denounce and fight against this act of repression and to vindicate the importance of the days of Genoa.

We also think that in this period of violent attacks by the capitalist system against the exploited, it is important to oppose the criminalization of all those struggles that go beyond the restricted space of what is allowed… This criminalization also manifests itself through the heavy sentences brought about by the charge of “Looting and Devastation”.

For these reasons it is important to organize a mobilization in support of the convicted comrades. This is our call for international solidarity, for actions and initiatives to be held during the week before the day of the trial.

Furthermore, we invite everyone to the solidarity demonstration that will be held on the day of the hearing in front of the Court of Cassation in Rome, so that the inquisitors will hear our voice directly.

06-12 July- days of action

13th of July- sit-in next to the Court of Cassation in Rome


Source: http://informa-azione.info/appello_per_una_mobilitazione_internazionale_in_solidarietà_ai_condannati_per_gli_scontri_di_genova_2001_itenes