We invite you to a preparatory weekend 23rd-25th of February in Rostock...

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The working group preparing the actionday on “Global Agriculture” invites you...

Dear activists, In the lasts meetings in Niederkaufungen and Göttingen there has been a lot of discussion about the contents of the protests. Also, decisions were made about concrete actions (an infotour going from Austria to Mecklenburg, to support the April 17th Global Actionday of Via Campesina, an action at the 22nd of May at the International Day of Biological Diversity (Gatersleben)). Now its time to organise the Actionday on “Global Agriculture” in the Heiligendamm-Region on the 3rd of June (topic: Gene Technology and Supermarket Chains), also concerning the forms of action.

We invite you to a preparatory weekend 23rd-25th of February in Rostock to connect your ideas to ours and built a strong and creative protest. There is a place to stay (bring sleeping bags and insulation mats) and food from VoKü. You´re welcome to stay the whole weekend: On Friday you have enough time to arrive and get to know each other, on Saturday the work-part of the meeting will take place, and on Sunday we offer the opportunity of sight- and field-seeing. The central day to plan is Saturday, starting at 10 a.m. Please register until he 17th of February (g8lwhro@gmx.net), especially if you need a place to sleep. We hope that a lot of you will come. For further information see

Robert, preparation group G8 and Global Agriculture Rostock

So, in short again the most important info: What: Meeting to plan the 3rd of June Actionday “Global Agriculture” When: 23rd-25th of February 2007, the work-meeting is on Saturday (24th Feb) and starts at 10 a.m. (before you can get breakfast) Who: You´re invited by the preparation group for the Actionday on “Global Agriculture” from Rostock, Contact: g8lwhro@gmx.net Where: Rostock, you will be informed about the exact place by email and website

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