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CONCEPT of the working group "Transport Protest"

We see it as our taks to:

#1 coordinate transports before the protests in June, that includes

transports of materials to Rostock (biggest city near Heiligendamm) e.g.

  • everything for the builiding-up of the camps resp. Convergence


  • technical stuff such as electrical, solar and computer equipment
  • bikes (contact:
  • everything else that will be needed for sucessfull and nice protests

#2 coordinate transports during the protests in the region of


  • bringing activists from the Convergence Centers in Hamburg and Berlin to

Rostock and the region around Heiligendamm

  • bringing activist from Rostock to the region near Heiligendamm (Bad


  • bringing activists to the demonstrations, manifestations, actions etc.
  • bringing material such as water, food to the actions

To solve these tasks we are looking for

#1 drivers
  • at least 20-30 on a continuing basis + reserve pool
  • best would be a license up to 7.5 t (a lot of old licenses include that)
  • The licenses should be „spotlessly clean“.

#2 motorcar mechanics
  • With some old cars (which most activists probably have) there could always

be problems.

#3 vehicles of all kinds
  • busses to transport activists
  • lorries and vans
  • cars – A LOT!

If you are coming to the region around Heiligendamm by car, it would be great if you donate it for some hours to the coordinating crew, that people can be taken and brought to and from actions or stations.

#4 chaosresistent activist to responsibly manage the coordination tasks
  • before the protests: join the working group, Let´s meet e.g. at Dissent!-Meetings, Rostock III 13rd to 15th of April ( with an extra International Meeting
  • during the protests (5-6 people)
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