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1. Block on Background of the G8 (ca. 40 Minutes)
  • Film "Why close the G8?" (Mobilisation film for G8 2005, Scotland; 14. min., Download with most films and power points at
  • Background on the history of the G8-Summit and protests against it, (lecture with Power-Point-Presentation, ca. 15 min., Download the Presentation in English)
  • A summary of resistance to the G8, with the possible showing of short films.

We also like to tell about the effects of the G8 from those not from the "Global North". Therefore we often show short films from the "Raised Voices" project: 20 Videoclips with Interviews from people from Africa or South America regarding the politics of the G8.

2. Block Heiligendamm, G8 2007 (ca. 40 Minutes)
  • The political and geographic situation of the immediate region of Rostock, Bad Doberan and Heiligendamm using a Power-Point-Presentation
  • Explaination of the main relevant local groups, (Fundus-Gruppe, Kempinski, a Local Citizens initiative, the Left Party, Residents, City and Regional parlaments etc.)
  • The situation of various groups mobilising against the G8, their activities and next meetings:

Left radical groups
  • The International Mobilisation Camp in August 2006
  • Left Network/Linkes Bündnis
  • BUKO
  • No Deportations/No Borders-Network
  • Attac
  • NGO'S
  • Militant Actions related to G8 2007
  • Social Forum
  • Left Party (PDS/Linkspartei)
  • Bicycle Caravan
  • Rhythms of Resistance
  • WomenLesbianTransgender-Resistance, etc.

At the close we like to start an open public discussion. Possible topics include:

  • Pro and Contra regarding large Summit Mobilisations
  • Would the resources for such a big mobilation not be better used for local projects?
  • Working together with other left groups
  • Concrete action plans and ideas
  • Possibilities to work together
  • How to build/support local structures (in the local place we are)
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