Newsletter around and against the g8 meeting in Heiligendamm 2007

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3. OVERVIEW OF SUMMIT DAYS Sat., 2 June most likely a Big Demo in Rostock, ca. 20 km from Heilingendamm beginning of Camp

Sunday, 3 June Cultural events and Concert

Monday, 4 June Big action day with War or Migration as themes CAMP

Tuesday 5 June Big action day with War as theme, Future of the G8 (Rostock-Laage Airport) Maybe counter-summit CAMP

Wednesday 6 June 1st day G8 Summit Blockade day on the streets and other places maybe counter summit Camp

Thursday 7 June 2nd day of G8 Summit Blockades again maybe counter summit maybe final demo concert at the fence camp

Friday 8 June 3rd day of camp blockades end of camp

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