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Join the South East Europe Tour!

During the Campinski there was an idea about making info tour in South East Europe. This info tour is now in the process of planning. In the end of august with two other people we will visit Belgrade and try to make info meeting for mobilization against G8 in Heiligendamm 2007. In the middle of September another tour is planned to happen in Turkey. During this time a mobilization meeting will take place also in Bulgaria(the concrete date is still not clear but it will be in the end of September ). We want to contact different groups, organisations and people that is why if you have contacts in these countries send them to us fast as possible. We plan to write short reviews about this info tour and publish them on the on the info tour-AG wiki We will try to get e mails of the people who are interested in order to start to work on the process of invitation and visa procedures and start to think of possible fundraising of travel costs for people from East Europe. It is important to give to the interested people a clear information about the political background of the resistance against G8 in general, about Dissent Network and the German autonomous scene. We already have some materials to distribute (DVD Media tools & Dissent Films of resistance). The problem that I see though is with flyers, newspapers and brochures in English. Unfortunately almost all websites about the mobilization against G8 in Germany next year have meagre English translations. It would be a big help if somebody starts to prepare some leaflets in English which give short and concrete information. I still look for people who want to join the tour in Turkey, so please ask people if they have interest in travelling to there in the middle of September. The South Eastern Europe Info tour is in a process of planning so if you have some ideas, materials in English, Serbian, Turkish or Kurdish please don’t hesitate to contact us. Contacts to local groups and activists is of great importance so please send us links to them, it will help us a lot.

Greetings, SEE Info tour collective
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