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Networking structures & mobilizations in Germany

  • Dissent! – Network of Resistance

left radical Network with a lot of different working groups such as bike caravan, Trauma support, Anti-repression, Infotour

  • No-Lager-Network

against all borders, for global rights – topic: migration

  • Interventionistische Linke - IL

broad left network with different groups like attac

  • Revolutionäres Bündnis

anti-imperalistic orientation

  • Vision 07 / Karawahnsinn


  • Mass demonstration and blockades


  • Counter summit


  • Working-group on Anti-repression


  • German mailinglist


  • G8 Office in Berlin

open Wednesday & Thursday afternoon 14.00 -17.00

call: 0049-30-40985406 or 0176-62078158

  • G8 mobilisation in Hamburg


  • Fascists:

There are also right-wing / fascist mobilisations against neoliberalism, globalisation and the G8, but for an emancipatory movement there can NEVER be any way of cooperation!!!

Issues & topics around the G8

  • theoretical texts about G8 and the resistance against it:

  • Infosheets about G8 from a Canadian NGO

  • A short history of the G8 (indymedia UK June/2005)

International mobilisation
  • Mailinglist for the international mobilisation


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