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This is the Website of the Convergence Center Rostock.

The Ehm-Welk School at Rostock Evershagen

Since March 10, anti G-8 activists have been working in one part of the former Ehm-Welk school in Rostock Evershagen to build up the convergence centre (CC) for the protests against the G-8 and to use the empty rooms of the school for the groups and people taking part in the resistance. We call on everybody to help us here in Rostock in continued construction and to help us with time, force and good mood. We depend on becoming more people at the school in order to be able to manage the tasks ahead of us. Next to supporters, we also still need material and support and tools of every kind. The school was transferred by the city of Rostock under the condition that people also stay there overnight in order to protect the building against vandalism. This circumstance moved us – a colourful mixture of activists from various spectres – to do precisely that. A lot of things have changed at the school, and every day something else develops. This infrastructure will hopefully develop with your help, creativity, ideas and practical contributions up the G8 summit and possibly beyond that.

Up to now a soup kitchen (public kitchen for all, against a donation -- Vokü in German) and a Café were set up. In addition, there is already a PC room and Internet at the school, an information store, a materiel room, a pub, a (still rather empty) workshop and an art project, by which frescos and a mosaic are supposed to beautify the school as a whole. Additional projects for the use of the rooms are underway. The process of turning the school into a place that is open to the whole movement as well as to the neighbours has only just begun… Working groups, political groups, and workshops also have the possibility to meet here and organise events. For the so-called hot phase of the protests from June 1 to June 10, when many 10000 people will come to the demonstrations, the action days and the many protests in the region around Rostock/Bad Doberan, the Convergence Centre (CC) is supposed to be the arrival point in Rostock for the protestors from the whole world over. We want to support international globalisation critics in discussing alternative projects, to develop them and get them to the public. In order to offer activists a forum, where they can concentrate on discussion, coordination and action, infrastructure and logistics are required.

Therefore, we need organise groups or individuals – also in the preparatory phase – who are willing to care in a responsible way for certain areas and tasks, especially in the hot phase from

May 25 – June 10, 2007

- organisation of soup kitchens and translators - organisation and coordination of workshops - build-up of technical infrastructure such as electrical things, computer pool with internet etc. - transport and logistics, that means organisation of mobility of material and activists - collection of materials such as bicycles and additional action material and organise them - contact persons between information points, camps, EA structures - give information and updates to newly arrived activists - protection of the convergence centres

Especially, we also want to call on all international activists to commit with their creativity, their ideas and actions to the convergence centre Rostock in its preparatory and action phase and help.

Who wants to organise workshops? - discussion workshops on the policies of the G8 and its significance, - racism and closing off against refugees - global agriculture and gene technology - war-mongering policies - privatisation world-wide - energy policy and environmental destruction - education policy - developmental cooperation and debts - local political points of emphasis in various regions of the world

Practical workshops - geographic and strategic information on Mecklenburg Western Pomerania - information workshops about German law on demonstrations (assemblies) - repression - trauma - direct action- workshops - communication methods under difficult conditions - decision-making in larger groups - blockade training - medical first-aid especially during demonstration - finding contacts and suitable groups

Please write to: cc-rostock@riseup.net

Donations for the convergence centres: Netzwerk Selbsthilfe inc. Account # (within Germany): 740 388 7000 – bank # 10090000 – Berliner Volksbank Important: Subject matter: convergence centre

more information: http://www.

Contact ConvergenceCenter: cc-rostock@riseup.net school: school-g8-protest@riseup.net Adresse: Knud-Rassmussen-Str.8 18106 Rostock / Evershagen

Directions to "CC-Ostseestrand": (formerly Ehm-Welk-Schule) tram 1, 4, 5 >>Direction "Mecklenburger Allee" leave at station "Thomas-Morus-Straße" and watch out, you`ll see.

Donations to Convertion Centers: Netzwerk Selbsthilfe KNr: 7403887000 BLZ: 10090000 Berliner Volksbank IBAN: DE13100900007403887000 BIC: BEV0DEBB - Wichtig – Verwendungszweck: Convergence Center

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how to get there
how to get there



regulary dates in CC

  • Wednesday 17 Uhr: usersplenum im Café

other Dates

  • 25.+26.5.07 20 Uhr

No Silence Fest no.3 ...Flyer25.5

  • 26 und 27 Mai

ClownsArmyWorkshop please announce..

Dates elsewhere in Rostock

End of April

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