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Bicycle caravans to the G8

From 6th to 8th June 2007 the leaders of the self-proclaimed most powerful nations of the world (G8) will meet in Heiligendamm near Rostock (Germoney). A lot of creative actions have been (and will be) prepared, such as bicycle caravans to mobilise protests in the run-up of the meeting.

Where are we going?

So far, two routes have evolved from the idea to travel to the G8 by bike from all over Europe

  • The "shake-G8-bikeride" will go from Budapest (5. April) via Györ (8. April), Bratislava (10. April), Brno (14. April), Wroclav (28. April), Poznan (5. May), Schwedt (16th. May) to Wittstock (24. May).
  • The "Gr8chaoskaravaan" will go from Brugge (27. April) via Brussels (1. May), Utrecht (5. May), Münster (12. May), Osnabrück (14. May), Oldenburg (18. May), Hamburg (26. May), Gorleben (29. May) to Wittstock(30. May).

What we want

On our way we want to spread information about and fight against the politics of the G8 and the effects of global capitalism. For that we are planning information events and creative direct actions with local groups. By doing so we will try to link the global politics of the G8 with local struggles and build networks.

Why we are doing it

The politics of the G8 stands for the exploitation of human beings and nature, for oppression and war. Because of the plundering of the so called "Third World"-countries, people are forced to flee from their homes and the few who manage to overcome the walls of the fortress are forced to live under degrading conditions in refugee camps here. That's why we are planning direct actions at deportation camps that we will pass along our way. Securing energy ressources is a central issue of the G8 that finds its expression in the renaissance of nuclear power plant constructions. These (i.e. Gronau, Ahaus, Krümmel, Gorleben) can also be assured of our attention. But these are only two of many issues to which we will carry out actions on our way!

The caravan as a space for experiments

We don't want to take part in the whole neoliberal circus and the division of people along racist criteria and economic exploitability. We consider the caravan as a place for experiments in which we can realize our ideas and ideals (even if only temporarily). We want to create a non-hierarchical structure during our ride in which we can learn and act (politically) in a self-organised manner. We want to make it possible for all people to participate regardless of money, bicycle, physical condition or papers. We want to use our time together for exchange and to build networks with various local groups from different backgrounds.

Taking the last part of the ride with many people

The two caravans will meet on the planned military bombing territory "Bombodrom" near Wittstock in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern at the end of May. On the 1. June, a reclaiming of the bombing territory is planned as a prelude to the G8-protests. Together with many other riders the bicycle caravans will head to the last stage of the ride at the airport Rostock-Laage to prevent the arrival of G8 representatives and subsequently join the further protests around Heiligendamm. Come to the Bombodrom in multitudes and bring bicycles, let's take the last stage of the ride with many people collectively!

And you...

should bring along between one day and two months time - and an interest in self-organisation and political action. If so, you are the right person to join the ride, be it from Budapest, Brugge or anywhere else. It would be great if you could organise a "part-caravan" from your "anywhere else".


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