Call out for Global Days of Action against Capitalism

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Call out for Global Days of Action against Capitalism

All of us are called to distribute it as widely as we can, both digital and on paper and especially to those groups and people who can not join the protests by coming to north germany but likely to link their struggles against capitalism.

Call out for Global Days of Action and Information against Capitalism in the time around the G8 summit 2007

Capitalism attacks us on many fronts in our daily lives. We are forced to endure the current system of capitalism and its oppressive power destroys, exploits, isolates and dehumanizes us. It's definitely time to get rid of it.

To move forward in the international struggle against capitalism, the following call goes out from the international meeting against the G8, held in Warsaw (Poland) from the 9th to 11th of February with people from more than 15 different countries. Please spread it as widely as you can.

Representatives of the G8 members and other major economic powers will meet in the north of Germany on the 6th-8th of June 2007, closeted behind a barrier of fences and police soldiers. Simultaneously thousands of people - opposed to its neo-liberal policies - will congregate to act in numerous and diverse ways and places. A lot of different groups and persons are in a daily struggle against different effects of the policy for profit over people, creating autonomous spaces, live alternatives and fight the G8 and other global economic institutions. It is amazing to observe how many groups have the protests in June on their agenda or are joining it in different ways. The protests against the G8 will not just be a real desire and attempt to disrupt this summit meeting, but should be seen as an important step in the worldwide struggle against capitalism. Not only during the days of the summit, but a struggle on every day basis.

There have already been global days of actions and solidarity, which seemed not all very successful. Our resistance is often played out on their field, by their rules. How could we re-envision these international acts of resistance in a way where we could actually make a change? One of the ways that seems to work in the current situation is blocking the capitalist economy through attacking infrastructure and the flows of capital across the world.

A large number of the people fighting capitalism and its many forms of oppression all around the world, can not come to the summit protests in Germany. This invitation to the global days against capitalism is an invitation to all of you to link the daily local and global struggles to each other and act together in a strong and coherent way.

The global day of action against capitalism can be an opportunity to show the world and ourselves the range of our resistance, of which the protests against the G8 are only one small part. Effective resistance must be everywhere and continuous. We should believe in the success of our actions and with this knowledge and inspiration, we don't go back to our old life, but let resistance bloom all over the world in 2007 and long afterwards.

We call for actions to take place on the 10 days around the summit (1st-10th June 2007), which include the days of action on agriculture (june 3rd), on migration (June 4th), antimilitarism (June 5th) and climate change (June 8th). Everybody is invited to take part in this process with his/her ideas and capaticity, ranging from sharing information to direct actions across the world with the aim of attacking the global economy, by all means necessary. Capitalism never takes a break. Neither should our resistance!

International Warsaw Meeting on Preparation of the G8 protests-2007

Postscriptum: Also we call out to connect the struggle against capitalism and G8 with different other global action days, as such:

  • 8th of March - Feminist Action Day
  • 19th-20th of March - Days of Resistance against War
  • 17th of April - International Day of Peasant's Struggle, called out by Via Campesina
  • 1st of May - International Day of Class War
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