Call for decentralized blockades

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Call for decentralized blockades

(To the guard, the forest appeared to become heavier and heavier. It was getting closer, too...)

Call for massive and mass blockades surrounding the red zone

It's not just since Seattle and truely not only in the form of the anti-globalization movement that we are taking to the streets. This time, in order to fight against the destruction of the foundations of our lives and for a self-organized life, we will hit the streets together. When the G8 will meet in Heiligendamm in 2007 to plan the sell-out of the world, they will hide in a cage. They know very well that resistance will be everywhere, they are aware of the fact that there are 1001 reasons to attack their politics. It's the boundlessness of capitalist greed; it's the fact that humanity and nature are victims of the interests of weapon traders and economic warlords; it's the cynicism with which this deadly bitternis is put into sweet words – that make us deeply sad and boundlessly angry at the same time. Let's put an end to it!

We think that of the past protests those were most successful, that were able to bring together respectfully the variety of emancipatory struggles and actions. We were able to witness this at the protests against the G8 in Evian in 2003 as well as in the very practical coordination of the yellow, pink and blue rallies against the IMF in Prague in 2000. This year, again, we will respect the different forms of protest of all emancipatory groups – and that we wish for ourselves, too.

We are convinced that it is of no reason to appeal to the good sense of those in power. It does not make any sense to be busy in civil society while the escalation of wars is going on. We are not hoping for different decisions, that would only mean the modernization of current repression. If exploitation is the name of the game, there won't be constructive participation from our side. We will not restrict our forms of action to those who are bound to legality. This would mean to be forced to accept the rules that run the destruction of this world. We refuse to act as symbols, symbols for a world order that kills thousands every day. Instead, we want the responsible persons for those organized crimes to face a resolute NO!

International mass attacks – sink the summit!

In order to disturb the meeting as completely as possible, we propose a circle of small and big blockades, massive, diverse and decentralized – and gradually moving closer to the G8. In addition to traditional mass blockades, this can mean the erection (and defending) of barricades, direct actions, carried out by small affinity groups, or keeping police busy by black bloc tactics. There are enough targets for everyone.

The most important politicians and representatives will meet directly in Heiligendamm – but the whole summit will take place during several days and at numerous meetings. To make the summit work, hundreds of translators, political servants and so called experts, security and catering staff are needed, let alone the provision of 5000 to 10000 participants with food, beverages and toilet paper.

This is an extension of the field of possible action, here are the targets: the places where all these servants stay and the routes between them. Everyone is asked to perform in massive blockades not only on the central route from Bad Doberan to Heiligendamm, but on all the minor streets, too. Activists can decide for themselves wether they go for affinity group action at bigger blockades or for building blockades that might last some time... Thus, we will widen the area of action and make various forms of protest possible. We are looking forward to a festival of international action.

In the discussions that so far have taken place, the evening before the summit's first day and the first day itself were seen as the time for coordinated mass blockades. We can't tell right now wether we will be able to continue the blockades or even to attack the red zone the next day. But we know, that in order to act effectively, we will need quick and reliable information – which will be provided by the camps and information points.

Our aim: total collapse of traffic to and from Heiligendamm.

Global social rights for everyone! Let's push for this totally different beautiful new thing!

PAULA [plenary of several regions - antiauthoritarian - irreconcilable - libertarian - autonomous] September 2006

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