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Moving the movement - ActionBikes for a wider range of action and moments of surprise against the G8 2007

Cruising through our memories of previous protests it seems that success quite often depended on our ability to all of a sudden appear at useful places with lots of activists. In the city this surprise effect can be reached by jumping out of a metro station, while in the anti-nuclear protests the forest often gave us such opportunities. But what to do in the flat and open landscape at the Baltic Sea? Our proposal is: ActionBikes! By bike you can go where cars have to stop, and it still is much faster than walking. Lacking mountains the area around Heiligendamm is all but ideal for biking...As a simple call like "Bring lots of bikes!" won´t be enough, our initiative aims at collecting as many bikes as possible already in advance, and to store them in certain places where activists can pick them up . While most of the people we ask to repair and provide bikes will come from germany or regions nearby, it might be interesting for Internationals to hear about the possibility to get some ActionBikes next June. And maybe you also have some ideas how to contribute to the concept.

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