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?This was just a working title for the Anti-G8-Project which is founded by now as a Living- and Resistance-Project in Rostock. We haven´t found a better name up to now.

We don´t want to stay alone – together we´ll rock this!

      • Create 1,2,3,4 – more Anti-G8-Projects in Meck-Pomm!***

With our start of a project in MV now we want to show unmistakeably:

The Left-radical international resistance against the G8 and their politics is now organising and already on the spot. We are already there since september and can offer now infrastructure for other activists e.g. for night stays, getting contacts to locals and to stay and live there for a longer time.

  • Why be on the spot already?

One reason are the possibilities to intervene at the preparations for the summit on different levels such as getting contact to the people in the region, give informations and discuss, doing creative action and protest even before the summit, organize, doing press work, but also making objections to bureaucracy stuff to slow down processes and whatever people are interested in and are able and willing to organize. We hope to intensify and broaden the local resistance and provide connection points for activists from other regions and countries. Another reason is that the local left radical people have enough to do with the Nazis and to organize and keep their projects alive. Such a big event shouldn´t be just put on the shoulders of the critical people in the region that was chosen to host political events. To change that we have moved there to support the locals and build up the infrastructure that is needed.

  • What´s local resistance like at the moment?

The regional G8-resistance is up to now mainly led by a network of NGOs and other established single persons and groups from the spectra of trade unions, churches etc. up to attac – more concrete: the leaders, spokesmen and –women of these organisations. There are not many creative grassroot ideas for actions present and discussed, but they push their ideas of mass actions in which people are just handled like herds for the media.

  • Welcome ... to the emancipatory Experimentierfeld

We define ourselves as non-dogmatic left-radical and are not willing to do actions as named above at the summit days or get overwhelmed by the overrepresentation of these actions and actors on the street and in the media. We don´t want to be part of a mass that is used and guided by the „chiefs“ of the protests. We hope to find and attract people that are frustrated by boring demonstrations where at they are told by representatives and the police what to do.

We don´t just want another world, but also other protests to get there … At the moment it´s not easy to prepare actions in Meck-Pomm without making extra work for the local activists. We want to change this by providing infrastructure, information and contacts for internationale groups from “Somewhere” to come and check out the surroundings, and helping to get their action organized. Practically, we are open to every emancipatorial working persons and groups that behave and act like that. Although we formulated hard critics on the working habit and ideology of the bohemian groups, our offer is an open one, ´cos we don´t want to act like an insider group closed to others. Therefore we search offensively the contact to and discussion with nearly all groups organizing against the G8 in order to give it a chance to act together without making exclusions to each other..

  • Concrete Plans
    • until the end of 2006
   - contact local initiatives and different political cultures
   - founding of further living- and resistance-projects
   - doing infotour and discussions in the smaller villages in MV
   - structure anti-repression-groups
    • End of 2006 – february 2007
   - founding a project on the country side near the Red Zone
    • March until the countdown to the summit in June 2007
  - Transition to e.g. RESIST-Camp(s) / Hüttendorf / Wagenplatz
  - concrete built-up of Resistance infrastructure e.g. Infopoints
  - deconstruction after the successfull prevention of the summit
    • AND afterwards

This part is often neglected nevertheless of ist importance. ´Cos after the summit the big repression waves coming over single persons and organisations – often the independent autonomous structures are hit hardest. Although the scene talks a lot about solidarity, people concerned are to often left alone with their friends to get their cases done. We will stay and support people in this phase and have a nice summer at the seaside, too.

  • Definition in progress – and it should stay like that

We haven´t discussed all questions yet and that´s the plan – to stay flexible without fixed and static rules. We are in an interesting process of getting to know each other and it will stay like that … or rather get organised with emphasis on different actions / affinity groups – however … This flyer is an expression of this organizing process and we are really looking forward to have other activists moving to MV.

At the moment the activists come from

  • the (classical) german autonomous – communist – internationalist and

antiimperialistic – anarchistic spectra

  • the antifaschist movement
  • the protest movement against nuclear power/Castors and the ecologist and

environmental movement

  • WomenLesbianTransgenderQueer-connections
  • Legal Support and Human Rights Circles
  • anti-/non-rassist Movement like Karawane for the Rights of refugees and

migrants and No-Lager-Network

  • the leftradical globalisation-critical movement [We see ourselves

roughly attached to the Dissent!-Network!]

other topics are respectivly have been: Wagenplatz und Hüttendorf-Aktivismus, squating, Fighting against destruction of the social systems, subcultural activities, Information- and Communication-Guerrilla, Protests of Students, City-actions against neoliberal gentrification, Privatisation, „Alternativ-living“-subjects, Initiatives for social and autonoums centers

  • We are on the spot for you:
    • as support for basic stuff like overnight stays, Internet, shower, food

and also for going to the beach etc.

    • as connection point for regional and local contacts and networks
    • as Infopoint to check places and Information from the region

  • What we are not able to be and also don´t want to be:

We are NOT a service center or a coordination headquarter and we are surely not „the“ or „your“ activists on the spot. If you are not active in Somewhere the protests will stay in this centralized forms. We help as much as we can and support you, but to move and contact is up to you. Just do it!! It should be clear that the usual leftradical agreements have to be accepted and put into action. As this is often said, but realisticly not always met, we want to be more concrete about that by using the negative forms.

  • We have clear(ly) limits ...

We just have very limited interest to live and work with people that are just hanging around the whole day filling it with doing nothing or using drugs. It´s also difficult to get well organized with people that are not fine with their lives at the moment and are not able to give to accept the basic needs of others and hurting or not accepting the limits of them – are not fitting into this project and are not welcome. In such cases we will intervene directly and try to find a helpful solution for everybody.

  • We don´t want to be mistaken:

We want to do this concrete resistance project – and live together in a good way.

`Cos of our different backgrounds and regions the project already has good connections to the german and international left movements, but it could and should definitely become more. We want it to become more diversified and more international.

So feel invited to contact, visit us and organize together.

  • Contact and Informations
    • Mail-adress: big-8(ätt)
    • watch out for announcements on the common Anti-G8-Mailing-Lists

  • Existing infrastructure up to now and immediately useable
    • location: 1 flat in the center of Rostock
    • 1 Office with internet etc.
    • there is enough space for up to 6 other people to move immediately to


    • overnight stay possibilities for up to 15 Leute
    • possibilities to meet for up to 15 people
    • soon: bikes to be mobile in the region

[By the way – there are mainly with western German activists a lot of predjudices about Rostock, ´cos of the terrible progroms in 1992: Yes, there are faschists in Rostock (even in the parlament], but there are also a very nice political and alternative scene and so called "normal" people on the streets. The local Antifa is very active and good at keeping the Nazis out of the City Center. The possibility to stand beside a recongizeable Nazi is of course still there and it´s up to you and the situation, how you react.

AND – everything which sounds strange to you or can be mistaken – we invite you to discuss this with us in the flat at a glas of the local liquor „Peppermint“. So pack your toothbrush, towel, and a bike which can stay here would be nice – and get yourself on the way to Rostock. A comfortable sleeping place and a vivid subculture in Rostock is provided – to get active is up to you!

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