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Protesting against Kyoto Police raid of union office

10th of June before 9 in the morning, 19 police men from Kyoto
Prefecture Police Security 3rd department (so called public safety
raided and searched the union office which is used by Rakunan Union,
Rakunan Workers Network, Asia Joint Action (Asia Kyodokodo) , (and )
also an house of ‘A’ who is a member of Rakunan Union for the
suspect of
“fraud related incident” (with an arrest warrant), which is an
excuse to crush the movement against the summit.

Bild: G8 2008 - Seoul

Kyoto Police (‘Hori’ is the person in charge) claims that the union
A unlawfully received unemployment allowance in 2004, which is
to be found as a proof after the search of his house. (‘A’ denies
this of
course.) This is something which happened in 4 years ago and even if
what they claim was true, it should had been dealt by ‘Hello Work’
(something like JobCenter). Responding to our question, Hori said
it was
conducted originally by the 3rd Department. Answering to another
question why they had to search the union office for an suspected
incident of an individual, he gave no convincing reasons other than
saying "It is Independent Workers Network (Jiritsu Rooren) which is
as a contact address for Asia Joint Action (Asia Kyodokodo).

Kyoto police did the search based on their made-up story, ‘A’
received the
allowance to fund Asia Joint Action (Asia Kyodokoodo) to find out
relation to the group for the proof of their fake story.

They spend three hours searching and occupying the office for the
which of course can not be found. Instead, they brought back a
list of
members of Rakunan Union and a list of members payment of union fee.
Are they going to claim that these are the proof of his “fraud”??

Source: email