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Global action day on July 12

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Press Release July 12th 2008

  • “G8 are the problem, not the solution”
  • Solidarity with the prisoners

On Saturday July 12th, there will be global action day “J12” in solidarity with the anti-G8-resistance in Japan. Rallies are planned at Japanese embassies worldwide to strengthen the dissent against neoliberal politics.

Groups and individuals in Japan held conferences, camps, action days and demonstrations to express their dissent against neoliberal globalization which creates war, discrimination, poverty, surveillance and control. “Faced with heavy obstacles we came to Japan to protest against the G8”, says Mary Brookes, one of the international activists. “The G8 are the problem, not the solution”. Demonstrations were held in many other countries worldwide in support of protests in northern Japan.


Final statement by international activists

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Press Release July 9th 2008

  • Hundreds join Ainu march
  • International Activists Call for Support for Japanese Prisoners

Today, in the concluding event of ten days of G8 protests, hundreds of activists
from three protest camps marched in a demonstration organized by the Ainu, a
disenfranchised indigenous population of Hokkaido, the island where the G8
summit is being held. The march was surrounded by several rows of police the
entire time. Protesters were holding signs in English and Japanese saying “No
G8”, and “Japan is a police state”.


Tomorrow 10am all Three camps join Ainu march against G8

[Toyoura Camp Press Group]

Press Release July 8th 2008

  • The event concludes ten days of actions worldwide

Today (Thursday) at 10am, hundreds of activists from the three protest camps
will join an Anti-G8 demonstration organized by the Ainu, a marginalized
indigenous population of Hokkaido, where the G8 summit is being held.

The demonstration will start tomorrow at 10am at Shimokubonai, in front of
the bus stop. It is organized by Ainu Moshiri Renraku-Kai. According to Ainu
activists “The Ainu are the most oppressed indigenous community in
Japantoday. The Japanese government acknowledged the Ainu for the
first time just
one month ago, obviously to avoid criticism during the summit – since the
Ainu are the ‘traditional land owners’ of Hokkaido for thousands of years.
The way the Japanese government treats them is a symbol of the way the G8
treats the world”.


Hundreds Stopped 4 Kilometers away from G8 Summit

[Toyoura Camp Press Group]

  • More actions tomorrow at camps

Hundreds of Japanese and international activists walked today from
Toyora Protest Camp towards the G8 summit at Lake Toya, before being
stopped by the police. The march, which proceeded peacefully for 20
kilometers, was surrounded by police throughout the duration and
stopped 4 kilometers away from the hotel where the Summit is held.
Demonstrators are calling for an end to the G8 meetings, charging that
the leaders of the eight richest countries make decisions that affect
the whole world, yet are fundamentally unaccountable to the poor of
the world. The march occurred simultaneously with another march that
left from the other two Protest Camps surrounding the summit.


Anti-G8 protesters are on their way to the G8 Hotel

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Press Release July 7th 2008

  • Japan: Summit protests are relocating
  • Japanese army is supporting the police

This weekend the anti-G8 summit protests relocated from Sapporo to the vicinity of Lake Toya where the G8 summit is taking place. Around 1 000 activists are spread over the protest camps Toyoura, Soubetsu and Da-te. A number of official demonstrations have been registered against the official G8 summit. The goal is to get as close as possible to the conference hotel.


Anti-G8 activists: Protest is oppressed

[Toyoura Camp Press Group]

Press release July 7th 2008

  • Tuesday 8am – Action at Toyoura camp

Tomorrow (Tuesday) at 8 am, a march will start at Toyoura camp, heading to the direction of the G8 summit. Further details will be given at 7.45am at Toyoura camp gate.

Today at noon, a group of 50 Japanese and international activists walked out of the Toyoura camp to the train station to protest the G8 Summit and express solidarity for three anti-G8 activists who were arrested on July 5th. One kilometer away from the camp, they were stopped by over a hundred police. Police told demonstrators that the walk was an unregistered protest. The activists verbally asserted their rights to walk to the train station, but they were eventually forced to turn back.

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Call for Solidarity with Counter-G8 Protesters in Japan

From the No! G8 Legal Team
July 6, 2008

  • Arrestees are still in jail and face years in prison
  • Local organizers may face arrests
  • Arrestees and organizers friends and families are facing harassment and
    possible house raids by police

Activists and organizers are asking local groups and individuals to call,
e-mail, visit and protest at Japanese embassies over the unjust arrests,
detentions, deportations, and repression occurring around counter-G8
mobilization in Japan.

Japanese police continue to escalate repression against protesters of the
Group of 8 Summit. This is part of a growing trend of the suppression of
human rights in Japan. Yesterday’s demonstration of approximately five
thousand was lined with, and sometimes boxed in by, several thousand police
in full riot gear. At least four people – including a Reuters reporter –
were arrested.

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Thousands challenge G8 and march for peace

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Press release July 5th

  • 3 anti-g8 protesters, Reuters journalist arrested today in Japan

On the eve of the 2008 G8 Summit, thousands took to the streets of Sapporo, Japan, today to call for an end to the undemocratic policy-making and wars of G8 member states. The protest, which was a coalition effort of NGOs, trade unions, leftist organizations, anti-authoritarian organizers, and independent activists, culminated in the arrest of three protesters and a Reuters photographer.

“The rally today illustrated both the powerful global justice movement underway in Japan and worldwide, and the police repression that grassroots activists face,” said David Solnit, a US activist. "People are realizing that the G8 claims to be a force against hunger, poverty, and climate change, yet with each meeting, they only institute policies that perpetuate these things – “aid” packages that trap poor countries into debt, fossil fuel-based energy systems that create climate change, and war."


Challenging G8 in Peace March

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Press Release July 5th 2008

Thousands Expected in Japan on 5th of July

Today at 13:00, people from Japan and around the world will be taking to the
streets of Sapporo, Japan, to challenge the G8 and call for peace. Organizers
expect the event to draw 10,000 people and to be the biggest demonstration
during the Japan 2008 G8 Summit. The anti-war action has been organized by a
coalition of Japanese and International NGOs, trade unions, leftist
organizations, anti-authoritarian groups, and independent activists.

“Japanese police may see some things they are not used to in the
demonstration today”, a Japanese activist who wished to remain anonymous

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Japan and Europe await numerous Anti-G8 Protests

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Press Release July 3rd 2008

  • G8 Japan: Protests in Europe begin tomorrow
  • Thematic days of action in Japan
  • Daily demonstrations in Sapporo

[Berlin | London | Sapporo] This coming Monday 7 July is the opening day of this year’s G8 Summit, which will be held at Lake Toya on the Japanese Peninsula of Hokkaido. Following last week’s demonstrations in Japan, there will be protests against the G8 in Europe and other countries world-wide.

Japanese groups have called for a Global Day of Action on July 5th. Countries in Europe that will hold demonstrations and rallies include Germany, Belgium, the Netherlands and the UK.
In London anti-G8 activists will gather at the Uk Border Agency for a “Plan C”: “It is time to join forces, for freedom of movement, the freedom to protest and equal rights for all!”.
Resistance against the G8 summit is also expected in other Asian countries.


Counter-G8 International Forum opens in Hokkaido

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Press Release July 1 2008

  • “The G8 is part of the problem, not the solution”
  • Demonstrators continue to prepare protests and demonstrations, despite police scaremongering

Yesterday, the Counter-G8 International Forum opened in Hokkaido and will conclude this evening. Anti-G8 activists from Japan and across the world have come together to strategise on how to effectively resist the G8’s global nightmare and construct alternatives to a system in which financial crises, food crises and ecological destruction are inherent. Conference participants will discuss how ordinary people world-wide can continue to build resistance and make other possible worlds a reality. Discussion topics include precarity and labour, the commons and public goods, autonomous media, anti-capitalism, anti-militarism and the future of planetary organisation.


Japan: International Resistance against the 2008 G8 summit has begun

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Press Release June 27 2008

  • Japan: International Resistance against the 2008 G8 summit has begun
  • Camps, demonstrations, action days
  • Police try to link protests to terrorism and are denying people entry
    into Japan

The protests against the 2008 G8 summit have begun. On Thursday a
demonstration took place in Kyoto against the G8 foreign ministers
meeting. There are three protests camps in Sapporo, the nearest town to
Lake Toya, where the G8 summit will take place from July 7-9.
Alternative media centres in Sapporo and Tokyo have been set up and a
network of critical lawyers is ready to support demonstrators. Events,
conferences and demonstrations are scheduled for the coming week. Many
activists from around the world have travelled to Japan, amongst them
anarchist and trade union groups from other Asian countries.


About Media G8way

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Media G8way was set up in 2007 as an international press service for
individuals, groups, networks and (dis)organizations who understand
themselves to be part of an independent radical left movement against
the G8. Media G8way does not claim responsibility for the content of the
statements it distributes on behalf of the groups or individuals who
use its service. This year, Media G8way will be supporting the
efforts of activists in Japan to distribute news and information about
protests against the Japanese G8 Summit, 7-9 July 2008.

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