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Update about repression in Japan against anti-G8

More than ever anti-G8 activists, anarchist and communist need our international solidarity, take action against Japanese business interests in the countries you live and contact the Japanese embassies and consulates also and protest this repressive measures to prevent people organising against capitalist tyranny!

From ABC OSAKA – Preliminary information: Over 40 people have been arrested in pre-emptive sweeps of broad left and anarchist groups.

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Tabi/Rebel_Jill is apparently doing well inside, and is full of
spirit. Tabi will be out of the 27th most likely, they probably
won’t let
him out before the g8. We’ve already gathered about 700 dollars for
his defense. A bank account has been set up at the post office to
support Tabi:

Yuubin Furikae Kouza 00200-5-38572 Meigi 5-16 Kitsuke Kokushoku

Kin-chan from the Kamagasaki Patrol (Osaka), who is constantly
followed by police and usually has a helicopter following him at
demonstrations, was arrested yesterday morning. The police haven’t
come up with a charge for him apparently. Falsifying the reasons
may be difficult since there are no problems with his address
registration or parole. Nevertheless he will be held for 23 days
for sure.

The same day a union in Rakunan, Kyoto was raided, had their office
searched and 2 of their members arrested (details below in

Not clear when this happened just yet but 4 members of the Chuukaku-
ha Leninist organization were arrested in Tokyo, apparently members
of the leadership.

On May 29th, there were 38 people arrested at Hosei University in
Tokyo, at a political assembly against the G8 at the University.
This hasn’t made the activist newswires.

Source: email