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(subject to change, will be updating as locations become confirmed | update March 26th)

Europe tour schedule:

28 Mar. Malmo (Sweden), Cafe Glassfabriken

29 Mar. Gothenburg (Sweden)

31 Mar. Stockholm (Sweden), Kaf4 44

01 Apr. Oslo (Norway), Humla, Hausmania

Done already:

17 Feb. Berlin @ KATO: kato-x-berg.de
18 Feb. Berlin @ Horte: inforiot.de/horte
22 Feb. Brighton @ The Cowley Club 6pm
23 Feb. Bristol @ Kebele 2pm / Cardiff (evening) venue tbc
25 Feb. Edinburgh @ The Forest Cafe
26 Feb. Leeds @ The Common Place
27 Feb. Nottingham @ Sumac Centre
28 Feb. London @ LSE (room S421, the St Clements Building)
29 Feb. Copenhagen (Denmark), 5 pm, Cafeen i Folkets Hus, www.myspace.com/nog8dk
02 Mar. Rostock (Germany)
03 Mar. Hamburg (Germany), 7 pm, Rote Flora, www.roteflora.de, Achidi John Platz
1 (ex-Schulterblatt 71), Hamburg
04 Mar. Kiel (Germany), hansastrasse 48, www.hansa48.de
05 Mar. Berlin (Germany),
06 Mar. Poznan (Poland), Rozbrat Squat, ul. Pulaskiego 21a, www.rozbrat.org, fa-poznan@rozbrat.org
07 Mar. Berlin (Germany), 7:30 pm, New Yorck im Bethanien, www.yorck59.net
09 Mar. Hannover (Germany), 5 pm, UJZ Korn, Kornstra 28/30 30167
09 Mar. Dresden (Germany), AZ Conni, www.azconni.de
10 Mar. Bremen (Germany), 8 pm, Paradox, bernhardstr. 12 in 28203
10 Mar. Brno, Spolek (www.spolek.net), 6:30 pm, details: www.protestfest.cz/akce.php?co=letem_jappredn
11 Mar. Bochum (Germany), 7 pm, Soziales Zentrum Bochum, Rottstr.31
11 Mar. Vienna (Austria), EKH haus
13 Mar. Nijmegen, (Netherlands), 8 pm
13 Mar. (Greece)
14 Mar. Amsterdam, Vrankrijk, www.vrankrijk.org (Netherlands), 8:00pm
14 Mar. (Greece), (tbc)
15 Mar. Antwerp (Belgium), Kievitsnest (squatted church) 7 pm
15.Mar. (Greece), (tbc)
16 Mar. Liege (Belgium), l'Aquilone (25 blv Saucy, www.aquilone.be), 5.30 pm,
16 Mar. (Greece), (tbc)
18 Mar. Koln (Germany), Bauwagenplatz (www.myspace.com/wemgehoertdiewelt)
18 Mar. Ljubljana (Slovenia), (tbc)
19 Mar. Freiburg (Germany), KTS (www.kts-freiburg.org/)
19 Mar. Vicenza (Italy), (tbc)
20 Mar. Bologna (Italy), (tbc)
21 Mar. Bern (Switzerland), 8 pm, Reithalle, Neubrückstrasse 8 3011 Bern
22 Mar. Dijon (France), Tanneries (http://squat.net/tanneries/)
22 Mar. Genoa (Italy), Buridda
23 Mar. Milano (Italy), Centro Occupato Autogestito T28
24 Mar. Barcelona (Spain), (CMD?)
25 Mar. Barcelona (Spain), (tbc)
26 Mar. Madrid (Spain), (tbc)

US tour schedule:
06~10 Mar. Washington DC (National Conference of Organized Resistance)
11~13 Mar. Philadelphia + Baltimore?
14~16 Mar. New York (Left Forum)
17~19 Mar. Portland
20~24 Mar. San Francisco (including Bay Area Anarchist Book Fair)

In July 2008, the so-called "G8" heads of the state that monopolize two thirds of the earth’s wealth will gather at Lake Toya in Hokkaido Japan. The Japan based network of anti-authoritarians and anarchists, No! G8 Action, was formed in May 2007. It hopes to bring Japanese and East Asian impetus onto the stage of the global anti-capitalist struggle. The info-tour is part of this effort. The info-tour presentation deals a lot with the particular issues vis-à-vis Japan and East Asia, such as militarization, neo-liberal reforms, free trade, society of control, environment, and minorities such as resident Koreans, Chinese, foreign workers, and the Ainu People, but the common ground of struggling people world over are going to be discussed in the form of problematic interrelation. It lasts about one hour, with time at the end for questions and answers. It employs a power point presentation and screening of related footage.

Our presentation consists of following contents:
- General problems about the G8
- Japan’s relation to the G8
- Introduction to social/political issues in Japan and other Asian countries
- Introduction to activism in Japan and other Asian countries
- About our group: No! G8 Action
- About various projects (symposia, alternative summit, concert events, etc...)
- Action Plans and tactical options for July 2008
- Facilities for foreign visitors
- Japanese police behavior and Immigration situations
- Call for action

Action schedule:
26~27 June (Kyoto) Anti-Foriegn Ministers Meetings, Rally and March
28~29 June (Tokyo) Anti-G8 Rally and March
01~04 July (Sapporo) Themed Actions (Rally and March)
05 July (Sapporo) International Action Day
07~09 July (Lake Toya) Blocking the G8
06~08 July (Sapporo) Alternative Summit

Facilities for Foreigners:
In Tokyo/Osaka/Kyoto - Convergence Center
In Sapporo - Convergence Center, Camp, Independent Media Center
Near Lake Toya - Camp, Independent Media Center

CONTACT: infotour@sanpal.co.jp

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