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About No! G8 Action Info-tour

In July 2008, heads of the states that monopolize two thirds of the
earth’s wealth will gather at Lake Toya in Hokkaido Japan. The so-called
G8 is embodiment of the global governance that has consistently driven
neo-liberal reformation at the same time as spreading poverty, violence,
hatred, segregation, and environmental destruction across the globe. We
can no longer let it continue.
The Japan based network of anti-authoritarians and anarchists, No! G8
Action was formed in May 2007, right before the G8 2007 in Rostock,
where it learned from the European anti-G8 protest. Then it began to
prepare its own projects. One of its focuses has been a
coalition-building called G8 Action Network which connects various types
of radical groups and coordinates with certain NGOs for certain

Now it strives for bringing Japanese and East Asian impetus
into the stage of the global anti-capitalist struggle.

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The info-tour is part of the effort. In collaboration with the German
Dissent info-tour group the Japanese members have visited countries in
the Asia-Pacific region such as South Korea, Taiwan, Hong Kong, the
Philippines, and Australia. Two members have toured three cities in
North America: New York, Montreal, and Toronto. Within this coming few
months the group will go over to major European cities and the cities in
Canadian/American Pacific North West.
The presentation consists of following subjects: (1) general problems
about the G8; (2) Japan’s status in the global governance; (3) about No!
G8 Action and its coalition building; (4) about cultural and
intellectual projects; (5) action Plans;(6) facilities for foreign
visitors; (7) Japanese police behavior and Immigration situations; (8)
call for action.
Within this framework, the presentation sheds light on the history of
Japanese imperialism and surviving ambition to control Asia by spreading
neo-liberal policies and trade agreements. Today’s highly commodified
and controlled social space shall be scrutinized as well.
While it deals with the particular issues vis-à-vis Japan and East Asia
concerning militarization, neo-liberal reforms, free trade, society of
control, environment, and minorities such as resident Koreans, Chinese,
foreign workers, and the Ainu People, the common ground of the
struggling people of the world over are going to be embossed in the form
of problematic interrelation.
The presentation lasts about two hours (with discussion). It employs a
power point presentation and screening of footages taken from Japanese
lives and struggles today.

You can contact the Infotour here:

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