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International G8-alternative-summit

1. Overview

Tuesday, 5.6

17.oo – 19.3o Introductory panel

2o.oo – 22.oo Individual follow-up discussions with the panelists of the introductory panel

Wednesday, 6.6

o9.oo – 11.oo Workshops

11.3o – 13.3o Panels. First theme block

13.3o – 14.3o Lunch

14.3o – 16.3o Workshops

17.oo – 19.oo Workshops

19.oo – 20.oo Dinner

20.oo – 22.oo Panels. Second theme block

Thursday, 7.6

o9.oo – 11.oo Workshops

11.3o – 13.15 Closing panel

13.15 Closing speech

Alternative Summit

G8 2007 – There are alternatives!


2. Panels

Tuesday, 5.6.

Introductory panel 17.oo – 19.3o
Rethinking globalization

- Jean Ziegler (UN special envoyee)

- Annelie Buntenbach (DGB federal board)

- Madjiguene Cissé (Sans Papiers, Senegal)

- Thuli Makama (Yonge Nawe Environmental Action Group, Swaziland)
Host: Ignacio Ramonet (Le Monde Diplomatique)

Follow-up discussions with the panelists 2o.oo – 22.oo

Wednesday, 11.3o – 13.3o

First theme block

Climate justice, but how?

- Martin Rocholl (Chair of Friends of the Earth Europe)

- Elmar Altvater (Prof. em. Freie Universität Berlin)

- Klaus Milke (Klimaallianz)

- Sunita Narain (Direktorin Centre for Science and Environment, Stockholm) tbc

- Andrew Pendleton (climatologue, Christian Aid)

Precarious work and growing poverty in a rich society?

- Steffan Sjöberg (Centre for Marxist Social Studies, Stockholm)

- Dieter Klein (Rosa Luxemburg Foundation)

- Katja Kipping (Network Basic Income)

- Horst Schmitthenner (IG Metall)
Host: Kai Burmeister (IG Metall)

Economization of education and the future of labour

- Wolfgang Nitsch (University Oldenburg)

- Neville Alexander (Cape Town University, Kapstadt) tbc

- Sonja Staack (BdWi)

- Yoama Paredes (Ministry for education, Venezuela) tbc

Wednesday, 2o.oo – 22.oo

Second theme block

Connect social struggles – for global justice

- Gigi Francisco (Coordinator of International Gender & Trade Network, Philippines)

- Walden Bello (Focus on the Global South, Philippines)

- Jane Nalunga (Seatini, Uganda)

- Ingeborg Tangeraas (Via Campesina, Norway)

- Thomas Gebauer (Medico International)

The return of war. On the relation between war and globalization in different world regions

- Claudia Haydt (Informationsstelle Militarisierung, Tübingen)

- Raida Hatoum (Activist in the women’s and refugees movement, Libanon)

- Ana Esther Cecena (Prof. at the UNAM, Mexico)

- Boris Kagarlitzki (Sociologue, Institute for Globalization studies/Centre for left policies, Russia)
Host: Amy Holmes tbc

The altermondialist movement: balance and outlook

- John Holloway (Author, Mexico)

- Alex Callinicos (Prof. King’s College, London) tbc

- Susan George (Transnational Institute, Attac France)

- Isabel Rauber (Researcher in social movements, Argentinia)

“We are here because you are there…” Structural backgrounds of flight and migration
(17.oo Hearing with follow-up workshop)

- Victor Nzuz (Congo)

- Solange Koné (Ivory Coast)

- Maxim Butkevich (Kiev)

- Amadou Mbow (Mauretania)

- Gyeke Tanoh (African Trade Network, Ghana)

- N.N. (International Campagn against Dictatorship, Togo)

- Karl Kopp (Responsible for European affairs, Pro Aysl)

- Ngongang Celestin (Refugee Initiative Brandenburg) tbc

Thursday, 7.6

Closing panel 11.3o – 13.15
There are alternatives!
with (among others)

- Hauke Brunkhorst (Institute for Sociology, University Flensburg)

- Sandro Mezzarda (Institute for Political Science und History, University Bologna)

Closing speech at 13.15

- Vandana Shiva (Alternative Nobelprize Laureate, India)

Presumably, there still will be some workshops on Thursday. At around 1.00 pm there will be a central closing event with a plenary discussion with internationally well known speakers.



Alternative Summit