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G8 - More demonstration bans overruled

Media G8way International Press Group

May 29, 2007


G8 - More demonstration bans overruled

Administrative court ruling allows G8 protests at the Rostock airport on the 6 June

The Administrative court in Schwerin today overturned a ban on upcoming protests surrounding the military airport in Rostock, where G8 delegates will be landing. Other planned protests in Laage-Kronskamp, Weitendorf, Strießdorf and Friedrichshof can also now take place.

The protest organizers had questioned the legality of the ban on the protests and the general decision for the ban. The court ruling is a slap in the face for police authorities. „Now we can announce to the worlds 8 most powerful leaders that they are not welcome here,” explained Rosa Wohlgemuth, a member of the Organizing Committee for the action-day against War, Torture, and Militarism.

Tensions are high as the German government has come under harsh criticism by citizens over the past month for repressive measures such police raids on the offices of non-violent organizations and for taking scent samples from a number of activists so they can be tracked by dogs during the G8 summit.

When the official G8 delegates land at the Rostock airport, anti-war activists will attempt to surround the building. Additional protests on the A19 highway in front of the entrance to the Laage-Krons camp and around the Airport in Weitendorf, where other G8 conference participants will arrive, are also planned. Protests in front of the arrival gate at the Weitendorf airport were banned by the Administrative Court, but protestors have appealed the ruling.


The Rostock airport and the fighter jet squadron that is housed there are a clear example of the militaristic politics of the G8 conference. Fighter pilots from all over Europe are trained at the airport for foreign military assignments. „This air force base is an important center for the NATO member nations,“ added Rosa Wohlgemuth. „For that reason we are protesting next to the building.“

Additionally, the High Administrative court will issue a ruling on the ban which prohibits protesters from coming within 200 meters of the 12 kilometer fence that surrounds the G8 conference area tomorrow. The Interior Ministry is also participating in the ruling. The Star March Association had submitted an appeal to the court on Friday, and is planning a march from the fence to the Kempinski Hotel where delegates will be.

A city rally against weapons manufacturing and military installations will take place in the Rostock S-Bahnstation Warnemünde-Werft at noon on June 5th.

More information can be found at „www.g8andwar.de“

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