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Daily Advisory: Information on the Blockades of the Rostock-Laage Airport and the roads to Heilingendamm

Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Media G8Way – International Press Group

Daily Advisory for the Week of Protest Against G8

At the beginning of June 2007, the heads of state and government of the
eight largest economic powers will come together for the G8 Summit in
Heiligendamm near Rostock. As an act of civil disobedience, activist
intend to blockade the summit in a clear rejection of the neoliberal
politics of the G8, which dramatically increase the gap between the rich
and poor worldwide.

Rostock-Laage airport, which functions as a civilian and military
airport, is part of the infrastructure of the G8 Summit Conference and
the militaristic policies of the G8 governments. Here the next war is
being prepared with Eurofighter military jets. From here the military
jets will soon fly to the "Bombodrom“ bombing range, and here is where
the participants in the G8 conference plan to fly in. As part of a day
of action against militarism and war, activists will express their
opposition to war and to the G8 through many forms of protest and active
resistance near the airport.

Info and Contact:
Website: www.g8andwar.de
Sonja Schubert, s. Bombodrom, und
R. Wohlgemuth über Carl Kemper, Tel.: 0179-376 48 12
Anwälte (Allgemeinverfügung): Eberhardt Schultz 0421-663090, Claus
Förster 030-43725028

Additionally, Block G8 is preparing mass blockades starting Wednesday
morning from the camps in rostock and reddelich which will block the
roads to Heiligendamm with means of civil disobedience, thousands of
people from different political, social and cultural backgrounds will
express an unmistakable „NO!“ against the G8 – No to their policies of
neoliberal, globalized capitalism; No to wars; to social and racist
exclusion; and to environmental destruction. They intend to will
actively disrupt the G8, occupying and blockading the streets required
by the diplomats, translators and supply vehicles to reach Heiligendamm
in order to practically and effectively stop the Summit and cut it off
from its infrastructure

Info and Contact:
Campaign Block G8
Christoph Kleine, 0172-9006161
Frauke Banse, 0178-5467453
Lea Voigt, 0179/7472858

At the beginning of June 2007, the governments of the seven most
important industrialized countries and Russia will meet for the „G8
Summit“ at the Baltic seaside resort of Heiligendamm, Germany. In recent
years a rising tide of international resistance against this
self-appointed informal world government and its agenda of neoliberal
globalization has forced it’s meetings into further secluded areas,
employing security forces of historical proportion.