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Several arrested in IMF protests


Eight people protesting the World Bank and International Monetary Fund meeting in the District were arrested early Saturday in the lobby of the Washington Court Hotel in Washington Circle.

Six people were charged with misdemeanor unlawful entry, one with felony assault of a police officer, and one with failure to disperse, said Lt. Nicholas Breul, a D.C. Police spokesman. Those arrested included three women and five men, Breul said.

One of those arrested, Lacy MacAuley, said the man accused of assault had been trying to pull an officer away from another protester.

Six of the protesters were given court dates in May and released Saturday morning, MacAuley said, while two were expected to have arraignments later Saturday, she said.

David Montgomery

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IMF protesters arrested in D.C.
1:58 p.m.

Eight people have been arrested while protesting the spring meeting of the International Monetary Fund and the World Bank in Washington.

D.C. police say the protesters were arrested early Saturday at the Washington Circle Hotel. One was charged with felony assault of a police officer, one was charged with failure to disperse and six were charged with unlawful entry.

The protesters call themselves “anti-capitalists” and are holding a series of events this weekend to call attention to the IMF and the World Bank’s global monetary policies.

Organizer Lacy MacAuley says the protesters entered the hotel just after 1 a.m. and began chanting “Down with the IMF, down with the World Bank.” She says police rounded them up and handcuffed them.

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Source: http://voices.washingtonpost.com/local-breaking-news/dc/imf-protesters-arrested-in-dc.html