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Am 12.9. - einen Tag vor dem Treffen der EU-Innen- und Justizminister in Kopenhagen - besetzten 25 AktivistInnen der dänischen Gruppe "Global Roots" das Dach des Abschiebeknasts nahe dem Städtchen Hillerød...

A few moments ago, activists from the Global Roots occupied the closed asylum prison of Sandholmlejren. The action is a protest against the EU refugee laws. It is launched the day before the meeting of the EU ministers of justice and the ministers of the interior in Copenhagen.
Nikolaj Heltoft of Global Roots says: "The refugees in this prison are living under dreadful conditions. 5 people sharing 15 square meters of space, having to do their dishes and go to the toilet in the same room."

The majority of inmates are not convicted of any crime, they are awaiting their deportation. Their only crime is their search for a better life. The conditions of Sanholmlejren mirrors the way that the EU treats immigrants. Since the year 1993, 3000 human lives have been lost trying to enter the fortified European Union.

Seen through the eyes of the Global Roots the current number of refugees is a result of global inequality. Nikolaj Heltoft says: "It would be an Utopian idea to believe that a world of such inequality would not cause migration. The migration from the poor parts of the world is not a criminal act. It is a healthy disobedience against an unjust world order."

The Global Roots reject the current European asylum policies: "Only people who can prove themselves to be victims of political persecution can dream of getting asylum in Europe. In our opinion people fleeing conditions of poverty have the same right. People must have the right to live wherever they want. At the same time we must commit ourselves to a fair distribution of the world's wealth, thus ensuring that nobody are forced to flee their home.

The Global Roots will continue the direct actions for boundless human dignity.

- No borders!!!
- No human is illegal!!

Contact Global Roots: +45 40 97 86 59 - Info@ulydighed.dk

About Global Roots:

Global what??

'Rødder', plural form of the Danish word 'rod', which has the double meaning of 'root' as well as 'undisciplined social outcast'.

Civil disobedience? Uncivilized obedience!

We view the global neo-liberal order of today as an unjust system of exploitation and privileges in favour of powerful minority. This order rests on our consent - and can be changed only if we take action to do so.

Therefore we exert our right and duty to react against injustice in a non-violent manner, although we respect other people's motives for different actions and strategies.

What are you up to? Copenhagen 2002

Our main project for the time being is the mobilization and preparations against the upcoming EU-summit in Copenhagen in December 2002. Our goal is to ensure, that the European administers of global capital will be met by mass disobedience.

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