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Strasbourg Legal Team Charter

acted for the NATO counter-summit April 2009 in Strasbourg

The Strasbourg Legal Team was created as part of the NATO counter-summit of April 2009 in Strasbourg. It is defined as follows:

The Strasbourg Legal Team does not substitute the law, and has as its objective to facilitate legal aid for all the participants of the counter-summit with regards to the police and the law of States.

The Strasbourg Legal Team reassembles activists sharing convictions related to its objective. In this way, it reassembles in particular people of the anti-NATO coordination, the anti-NATO collective, and other structures, or individuals unrelated to any structure. It is independent and non-affiliated to any other organisation, including neither political party nor political structure.

The Strasbourg Legal Team will not replace support collectives, being either solidarity or anti-repression, that manifest before, during and after the counter-summit.

The Strasbourg Legal Team cooperates and coordinates its actions with its analogous structure on the German territory:the Freiburg Legal Team.

The Strasbourg Legal Team will be in contact and will work with the lawyers’joint committee that has as its objective to defend the totality of individuals taken in by the police throughout the counter-summit, in the conditions defined by the above Article 1.

The Strasbourg Legal Team manages an information point for legal assistance/aid and a street team. Within this setup, it will organise a telephone platform in a non-public space with a telephone number and email address that is accessible and available to all. The information will be given to the participants of the counter-summit via the telephone platform and the information point. As many languages as possible will be represented in order to best respond and provide aid to those stopped by the police

The Strasbourg Legal Team will regularly provide the numbers of known arrests, charges and incarcerations. If necessary, it will publish statements to rectify the official press releases. It reserves the possibility to produces its own statistics.

The Strasbourg Legal Team will be in contact with all the participants of the counter-summit.

The Strasbourg Legal Team will not provide any names without the person(s) involved having discussed and confirmed this request with their lawyer. It may give, with the approval of the person(s) concerned, information to the support and anti-repression collectives

The Strasbourg Legal Team assumes only a logistic and technical form. It will not involve itself in the political debate. Because of this, the individuals constituting the Strasbourg Legal Team should not express themselves politically as members of the Legal Team or in its name.

The Strasbourg Legal Team will not establish a defense strategy, and thus it is up to the individuals, lawyers, and anti-repression collectives to do so.

The Strasbourg Legal Team takes up its functions the 20th of March, in order to mitigate all preventive arrests, and will spontaneously disband April 12th to leave room for the solidarity collectives and for the appropriate political expression against the repression. All public information will then be made available to the anti-repression collectives. The Legal Team is committed to not keeping any private/confidential information including information involving court hearings.


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