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Challenging G8 in Peace March

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Press Release July 5th 2008

Thousands Expected in Japan on 5th of July

Today at 13:00, people from Japan and around the world will be taking to the streets of Sapporo, Japan, to challenge the G8 and call for peace. Organizers expect the event to draw 10,000 people and to be the biggest demonstration during the Japan 2008 G8 Summit. The anti-war action has been organized by a coalition of Japanese and International NGOs, trade unions, leftist organizations, anti-authoritarian groups, and independent activists.

“Japanese police may see some things they are not used to in the demonstration today”, a Japanese activist who wished to remain anonymous said.

“The G8 countries are the world`s biggest weapons exporters, and when they meet together, they do not work to create peace,” said Yohko Hosoya, a 59 year-old Japanese housewife, peace activist, and mother of two, who will march today. “I want the G8 leaders to know that the common person in Japan says stop killing with wars and with poverty.”

“When the leaders of the richest countries meet, is it really to help the poor?” asks US activist and writer Asha Colazione. “History and common sense tell us no. Their goal is to maintain their positions. The G8 is inherently undemocratic – a minority of powerful leaders unaccountable to the world affected by their decisions. Today I will march against that”. The action will be held at 13:00 today, July 5 (Saturday), at Odori Park West-8 Square in Sapporo, the largest city in proximity to the G8’s upcoming summit. The rally will be held at 13:00 and a march will follow at 15:00.