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Anti G8 protest In Jakarta (Update)

Around hundred mass movement from any organization in Jakarta mostly NGO on July 7 join in the day protest against G8 summit in Japan. They are long march from the city center (bunderan HI) to the Japan Embassy, in the front embassy mass speech for cancel G8 summit and destroy this institution.

Anti G8 protest In Jakarta (Update)

Mass movement also demand for against fuel oil pries, food prices are high. Not just that mass movement also against indonesia president Susilo Bambang attend G8 summit in Japan. G8 organization is state and corporate crime this one of mass speech cause in this summit will be make many deal and also will be make new debt for third world countries, talk about climate change is will worse cause capitalist policy will be number one this is also one of speaker in the front Japan Embassy.Protest end with next plan protest against any policy when not profit to the people.for picture and video protest you can look at http://mediabebas.blogspot.com.

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