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AntiG8 event in the Philippines

Manila, Philippines

June 29, 2008-- As the G8 summit in Japan progresses various groups of people and individuals around the world, critical to capitalism, continue to grow like wild flowers- always ready to swarm the decadent world. This is how the benefit gig against G8 occured last Sunday night at the backstreets of Cubao in Metro Manila. The supposed dregs of society, stigmatised as incapable of upbringing a revolution, came together amidst the hot sweaty night to plot the resistance. A new way of resistance!

AntiG8 event in the Philippines

The benefit gig against G8 is entitled "Aklas Laban Sa G8 [Resistance Against g8]" and was organised by autonomous groups and individuals, namely NonCollective, AID, etc., based in Metro Manila.
to view the photo documentation click the related url: http://manila.indymedia.org/en/2008/06/630.html

Source: http://japan.indymedia.org/newswire/display/4564/index.php