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Public Security Intelligence Agency: Special Topic For G8 Hokkaido Toyako Summit 2008

(1) Fear of illegal acts by international terrorist and anti-globalization groups.

  • Possibility of being targeted by international terrorist groups cannot be denied.
  • Various domestic and overseas groups intensify their activities for anti-summit movement.

The G8 Summit will be held in Toyako town in Hokkaido (Hokkaido Toyako Summit) from July 7 to 9, 2008. Related ministerial meetings will also be held from March 2008 in eight cities, including Tokyo and Osaka.

Terrorism and riots happened at recent summit meetings

After a huge riot occurred at the Genoa Summit of July 2001 (Italy), causing the first death at a summit, and in light of the September 11 terrorist attacks that occurred in the United States in the same year, from the 2002 Kananaskis Summit (Canada) onwards, host countries of recent summits have tended to choose provincial cities for the venues, taking serious consideration for security. In the midst of these circumstances, however, during the Gleneagles Summit (Scotland) in 2005, terrorist attacks by Islamic extremists occurred in the capital city of London, far from the venue, in which 52 citizens were killed and about 700 people were wounded. Also, at the Heiligendamm Summit (Germany) held in June, anti-globalization forces mounted large demonstrations around the venue and in neighboring cities. In demonstrations, about 2000 people, including extreme activists known as the “Black Bloc,” incited a riot by using firebombs and caused many casualties and arrests.

Extremists have instigated many terrorist and guerrilla incidents at the summits held in Japan

At the past four summit meetings in Japan, radical leftist groups saw the summits as “the war conference of international imperialism” and had meetings and demonstrations around the venues, as well as instigating 50 terrorist and guerrilla incidents in total. The main ones were the 1986 Tokyo Summit, when “Chukaku-ha” members shot a metal projectile towards the state guesthouse, and the 2000 Kyushu/Okinawa Summit, when members of the anti-mainstream faction of the “Kaiho-ha” group of the Revolutionary Workers Association shot a metal projectile towards the U.S. Air Force Yokota base.

Terrorist and guerrilla incidents related to summits in Japan

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Caution is needed regarding the movements of international terrorist, anti-globalization, radical leftist and right-wing groups

With the Hokkaido Toyako Summit, there exist threats from 1) international terrorist groups, 2) some extreme forces advocating anti-globalization, and 3) domestic radical leftist groups. Among them, regarding international terror, Japan has been named several times as a target by “Al-Qaeda” and its related groups, as one of the major allies of the United States. There are many U.S.-related facilities in Japan, which have been targeted by Islamic extremists, and many communities of foreigners have formed, which can be used as covers for terrorists. In view of these facts, the possibility that international terrorist groups may target Japan when the summit and/or related ministerial meetings are held cannot be denied.

Additionally, in line with the recent trend of intensification in the activities of anti-globalization groups, domestic anti-globalization groups are making efforts to increase cooperation with various domestic and overseas organizations in holding protests against the Hokkaido Toyako Summit, and are considered to be positively calling for participation in these activities from a wide range of groups and individuals via the Internet. Furthermore, overseas extreme anti-globalization activists who feel sympathy for this call may enter Japan, and some may incite riots.

There is also concern that domestic radical leftist groups, especially the anti-mainstream faction of the “Kaiho-ha” group that places armed struggle at the foundation of its activities, may instigate terrorist/guerilla incidents.

On the other hand, right-wing groups are expected to consider this summit “a good opportunity to appeal to the world about the existence of the issues of abduction and the Northern Territories” and to conduct lively campaigns on the streets of major cities where diplomatic offices are located during the period of the meetings.

(2) Public Security Intelligence Agency increases its efforts for the Summit.

  • The Agency promotes investigations focusing on the prevention of terror and other illegal acts.

The Agency established a Special Investigation Headquarters and is endeavoring to collect and analyze relevant information

After the government’s announcement of the venues for the summit and other meetings, the Public Security Intelligence Agency set up the “Special Investigation Headquarters for the G8 Summit” on April 24 to contribute to the safety of the summit.

Under the direction of the Headquarters, the Agency is intensifying its cooperation with related domestic and overseas organs for conducting the summit in safety, is promptly and appropriately collecting and analyzing information on relevant developments and providing them to the related organizations whenever necessary, and thus endeavoring to prevent the occurrence of illegal acts, including terrorism.

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Source: http://www.moj.go.jp/ENGLISH/PSIA/psia03-04.html