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Public Security Intelligence Agency: Japanese groups started the campaign for protests against the Hokkaido Toyako Summit

“ATTAC Japan,” which participated in the protests against the Heiligendamm Summit, engaged in preparations for the protests against the Hokkaido Toyako Summit along with other anarchist anti-globalization groups under the banners of “opposing neo-liberalism” and “opposing the summit,” while intending to cooperate with NGOs and civic groups.
In particular, “ATTAC Japan” held a “Meeting to report on the 2007 anti-G8 in Germany” in Tokyo in July and confirmed its policy of mounting protests against the Hokkaido Toyako Summit by collecting a wide range of people. In October, an anarchist anti-globalization group invited activists from “DISSENT!,” an international network that advocates “opposing the summit,” and held lecture meetings in various regions, including Tokyo, swapping stories about protest activities with a focus on the Heiligendamm Summit. During their stay, “DISSENT!” activists visited Toyako in Hokkaido to inspect the meeting venue for the summit, as well as clarifying their determination to mount protests against the Hokkaido Toyako Summit alongside groups from inside and outside Japan.

Source: http://www.moj.go.jp/ENGLISH/PSIA/psia03-03.html