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Update 24th of June from Tokyo mostly for people coming to Japan, but also explaining camps and infrastructure

Japanese Mobilization G8 2008

Everything is in full swing here in Tokyo. The atmophere is vibrant and
the Japanese are very well organised, although there are far too few of
them to get everyting done. For the Japanese activists it is nearly the
first time ever to have an international protest. So any and all help
from everywhere is greatly appreciated.
Also it is still not too late to come to Japan! Everybody is looking
forward to share experiences and get more international connections and

Bild: Akatu

Because translation I still difficult, the international activists are
trying to meet up regularly and exchange information. The next definite
meeting point is at the Tokyo convergence centre in Koenji, Wednesday 25
june at 11:30am. The next big informational meeting for internationals
will be Friday 27 june at 6pm, location to be announced.

Groups against G8 and for the Protest Infrastructure

There are two main hubs of activity: Tokyo and Sapporo. At the moment
most of the activity is still going on in Tokyo where the working groups
from the G8 action network, the Media groups and all the working groups
like Camp (incl. Lake Toya (with the Food collective, Media, Safer
Space, Entertainment, International, Football) and Sapporo Camp Working
Group), Infocenters, Gender, Anti-Military, Anti-Poverty, Foreign
Ministry Action are meeting long hours to sort out the final details.
Here is an update on much of the current activities.

There are three main networks mobilising against the G8.

1. G8 Action Network – www.jca.apc.org/alt-g8/en

2. NGO Alternative Summit – www.g8ngoforum.org/english

3. Hokkaido Citizen Forum – http://kitay-hokkaido.net (japanese)

There will also be lots of events in Tokyo and in Sapporo before the G8
summit. This week in Kyoto there will be actions against the Foreign
Minister’s meeting of the G8 and this Saturday there will be a day of
action in Tokyo.

This is an update on the plans of the G8 Action Network.

Convergence/Info Points:

Tokyo : As of 25 june, the main convergence space in Tokyo will be in

3 Media Centers
!!! INFOS: http://g8medianetwork.org/en/cmce

1st Media centre. Located at International Guest House in Tenjinyama
Kokusai House, 17-1-80, 2-jo, Hiragishi, Toyohira-ku
Sumikawa station with Nanboku subway line
Go here as first stop if you want to get involved with the setting up of
the camps or the running of the media centres in Sapporo. This will be
the main point of contact. This is also the largest of the three media
centers and will be equipped with a wireless connection. This will be
the main hub for Indymedia.

The 2nd will be located at Nishi 18-chome
17, 3-jo, Kita-ku
Nishi 18-chome station, Tozai subway line
It will be much smaller and will hold pobably only two computers
available to the general public for indymedia updates.

The 3rd will be at the Hokkaido University.
2nd Floor, Clerk Kaikan, Nishi 8, Kita 8, Kita-ku, Sapporo-shi
JR Sapporo station – 8 min. walk
It will be used for press conferences with the mainstream media.

At the first media centre there will be flyers available with a map and
the location of all three media centres.

There will be three camps organised by the G8 Action Network. Everyone
will first go to the Camp in Sapporo and then move on the one of the
three Lake Toya camps.

Camp from the 3rd to 9th of July

1. Camp Sapporo. The exact location of this camp is still being
negotiated, but it will be inside Sapporo and reachable by bus or subway
from the main train station. The camp can hold about 1,000 people.

Camps from the 6th – 9th of July

2. Camp Toyoura – Toyoura-cho Shinrin-koeuen (Toyoura Forest Park)
Hokkaido Abuta-gun Toyoura-cho Azarebunge 419-1
THIS will be the camp for the international people.
This will be the larger of the two camps in the area near Lake Toya. It
is located on the southern coast to the west of Lake Toya. It will be
open from the 6th to the 9th. The camp can hold about 600 people. There
will be shuttle busses to and from the Sapporo camp. The nearest train
station is Ribun station. There is only one train every two hours and it
is a 40 min walk from the train station to the camp. This is a private
camping ground that the Japanese activists are renting. There is already
a large kitchen area and a big indoor hall for meetings. There are also
three searate toilet areas.

3. Camp Sobetsu
Soubetsu-cho Orofure Rest House (Orofure Hot Piaza)
Hokkaido Usu-gun Soubetsu-cho Azabenkai 204-5
This will be the camp for the japanese leftist groups.
This camp will be smaller (about 150-200) people, and will be located to
the east of Lake Toya. This camp will work together with the Hokkaido
network camp which is located to the south east of Lake Toya. This site
is usually a ski resort, so it is hilly (not much flat land for tents)
and there is a big building with a couple of rooms for disabled or
families or people travelling with children.

4. Camp Date
Sorry not so much information.
This is organised by Sapporo people and it will be used for the
Esperanto Conference and the local people from Hokkaido. It was said,
that this can hold 1.000 people.

5. Also there is the Ainu Mosir, a big gathering of the indigenious
people of Japan.

There will be no showers at any of the camps. It might also be very cold
at night (about 11C), so bring warm clothes. It is also the rainy season
in Japan, so bring good rain gear. Also bring your own tents, sleeping
bags, etc.
The food collective will be preparing (together with all the camp
residents) three meals a day for a donation of 350 yen per meal. The
camp is also requesting 500 yen per night for staying there.

The nearest train station is Ribun station. There is only one train
every two hours nd it is about a 40 min walk from the train station.

Source: email