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5 July 2008: Beat the G8 system, Enter Fortress Europe!

Saturday 5 July 2008, is the global day of action against the G8. A few days later, the G8 summit in Japan will start.

In the Netherlands, you will also be able to help beat the system on that
day, by participating in the collective game ‘Enter Fortress Europe’.

A short trailer about the action is published on
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=z7gl3r7lEZk. For more information about the
game, see http://www.enterforteuropa.org.

To participate in the game, you should form a team as soon as possible and
start training!

Bild: www.enterforteuropa.org.

So keep the day in question, 5 July, free. The precise location will be
published shortly before the 5th. It is a location you can easily reach
with public transport. And there will be a luxury touring bus available to
take you there from Nijmegen and most probably from Amsterdam. More
information on transport will be published on
http://www.enterforteuropa.org shortly.

You can reserve a place by mailing info@enterforteuropa.org

Decentral, too!

Parallel on the central and collective game to beat the system, there is a
decentral one as well. You can participate by choosing your own goal and
mark it, on or around the 5th of July, with the ‘Fuck the G8 Enter
Fortress Europe’ flag. As goal you should choose an object which,
according to your team, is the most representative one for Fortress Europe
and so the one which you want to conquer.

You have to take one (more is allowed) picture of your action and upload
it to indymedia.nl. On indymedia.nl there will be a special place for the
action day. The picture should preferably be posted together with a short
explanation of the action. At the prize ceremony of the central collective
game the jury of experts (more about them later) will decide which
actions, central as well as decentral, will be given the prizes.

Ask for your decentral action for the special action flag at the
secretariat (send an email at info@enterforteuropa.org or arrange an
informal handover).

Also, it is possible to participate in the competition from the so-called
foreign countries, i.e. if you’re not living in the Netherlands. So:
spread the news, participate, fight for a border-free world without the

Last but not least, there will be, of course, great prizes to win. We will
let you know about them shortly. For a regular information update check
the website: http://www.enterforteuropa.org

Why do we target Fortress Europe? Because it is ‘our’ most direct
realisation of the policy of the G8 and the EU. The rest of the world is
getting destroyed to keep cheapest labour, raw materials and energy for an
economy of waste. The people who are the victims of this policy are kept
out of Europe with military force and they are repressed when they rebel.
Whilst those hit by repression try to resist, millions more survive every
day in the system made for profit and not for people. Fortress Europe is
over, if you want it…

Source: email