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G8 actions in the Netherlands

Past weekend the city of Utrecht was the centre of action against the G8.
On Friday there was music in activist cultural centre ACU. Saturday 14th
was the day for a bicicle demonstration. Some 100 people participated.
Last year, before the Rostock-Summit, all participants were arrested and
locked up for many hours, but this time the police was more collaborative
and the demonstration went as planned (see pictures here:

Yesterday, Sunday 15th, was a day for direct action. This consisted in
invading the premisses of Kamp Zeist: one of the 10 jails for refugees in
Holland. Although there was lots of police two groups succeed in
penetrating the jail, one of them occupied the roof of one of the
celblocks, while from the outside people cheered and hit tennisbals with
little notes in them over the walls and fences. Seven persons on the roof
were arrested by some miserable looking group of riotcops with masks and
armour. See more info and pictures here:

Comming soon:

The 5th of July is international day of action. In Holland this will be
joined by something called ‘Enter Fortress Europe’. People are urged to
form teams and beat the g8-system. The so called Fortress Europe is chosen
as a main goal because it is the most direct materialisation of G8 and EU
policy: creating poverty elswere and repressing people who revolt against
that and/or try to find a livable place.
People abroad can also join the game and help beat the system, more
information on that will be availabe soon on

here’s a little trailer about that day already:

Source: email