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the london fête against the G8

for freedom of movement, the freedom of protest and equal rights for all!

mark in your diary: july 5 2008

On the 5th of July 2008, people all around the world will protest
against the G8 summit 2008 in Japan. The G8 is a co-ordination for
the interests of Global Capitalism and the wealthy north who benefit
from it.

Globalisation has created huge movements of people to
the centres of capitalism. However whilst capital – money and commodities –
has been granted ever-expanding freedom of movement, the movement of
workers as migrants is subject to increasingly complex and brutal
systems of control.

Militarisation of the borders, raids on communities and work places,
the expansion of migrant prisons and deportation centers, restrictive
visa regimes and the revival of nationalist fears and hate are all
being used to segregate, divide and weaken the working class. Along
with building the border regime, governments restricted the
possibilities of assembly, protest and any form of dissent wherever

In Britain today, the role of managing and policing this system to
benefit the rich is carried out by the UK Border Agency (formerly known
as BIA), an executive agency of the Home Office in the United Kingdom.

Lunar House, a massive twenty-storey office block in Croydon, South
London is the headquarters of the UK Border Agency. Just over the
street there is Electric House, a reporting centre, where hundreds of
asylum seekers visit everyday from miles away to fulfil their reporting
obligations’. They are often arrested on the spot, there are holding
facilities ( short-term prisons) where asylum seekers are being kept
until they get transferred to an immigration removal centre.

London NoBorders is calling for actions against the UK Border Agency.
It is time to join forces, for freedom of movement, the freedom to
protest and equal rights for all!


Source: http://londonfete.ucrony.net