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Juzhno-Sakhalinsk, 25th March 2008 (publication deadline 5:00 GMT) Giving in to mounting political pressure from prominent human rights activists on the island of Sakhalin, in Moscow, Berlin, New York and Tokyo, the Russian Foreign ministry has finally ended the combined Russian-Japanese deportation arrest of the left antiG8 activist Martin Krämer on 23rd of March at 2:00 GMT. After 14 days of border detention between Japanese and Russian territory, the Berlin based doctor of agricultural science, aged 37, was released on Sunday and granted an unprecedented 10-days-visa to tour the Russian Federation and help in mounting further nationwide support against the G8 military show-down near Sapporo this summer (7.-9.7.08).

Bild: Otaru Port

“Wars and resource grabbing by G8 oligarchs is destroying us and our planet at such a speed that we cannot wait until summer to stop them. So, we start acting now, giving our support to civil society wherever it takes the initiative against the global G8 nightmare of putting profits before people” said Martin in a press conference organised by Sakhalin human rights activists in the island’s capital after his recent liberation. Dr. Krämer takes part in organising Global Caravan Against G8, a People’s Global Action initiative following PGA hallmarks. This world-wide informal network of activists and friends was founded after the Italian security forces had killed the antiG8 activist Carlo Giuliani in Genova on 20th July 2001. It has since co-organised and participated actively in the blockades and disruptions of G8-summits in France (2003), Scotland (2005), Leningrad (2006) and Rostock (2007). For the 2008 Hokkaido summit, caravan activists have chosen to target G8 warfare, its nuclear risk policy, exploitation of workers and global ecological damage caused by the anti-democratic exploitation of people’s world-wide resources in the name of G8 capital. In the Northwest Pacific the caravan supports artisanal fishermen and local farmers fighting for food sovereignty against multi-national corporations. A special focus will be put this year on supporting the struggles of indigenous people and working class migrants in Japan and the Russian Far East, e.g. Iranian migrants and the aboriginal Ainu who are both denied recognition by the Japanese occupation regime on their very Island of Ainu Mosir (called “Hokkaido” since being militarily annexed by the Japanese Imperial regime). Martin Krämer now spends almost half of the time unexpectedly granted to him for campaigning in Russia by the authorities of the Federation on the Pacific island of Sakhalin exclusively.
“Sakhalin is likely to become a corner-stone in international mobilisation against G8 this year. We want to learn from the people of this fabulous island! Their closeness to Japan has made them develop amazing skills of civil disobedience (grazhdanskaja kontrabanda). According to our experience, any active citizen of Sakhalin can teach us better how to fight for our rights ending G8 than Putin, Merkel and other war criminals heading for their probably last summit”, reminded Martin in the press conference after his liberation. Sakhalin and the Southern Kuril Islands are indeed the closest neighbouring territory to Ainu Mosir. Various means of transport are likely to cross the dividing waters within hours only. The Panama ship “BM-2” deporting Martin from Japan back to Sakhalin was escorted by several armed military vessels at the expense of Japanese tax payers on the 14th, 15th and 16th of March until its final forced re-entry into Russian waters. “If they go on spending millions of US $ for expulsing just one single activist, they will hilariously bankrupt when thousands of us begin to move towards Japan in forthcoming summer. We will enter anyhow!” Martin declared laughingly, visibly happy for the unexpected freedom to move throughout Russia campaigning from Sakhalin to Leningrad until April. He is currently preparing to marry a Japanese citizen during traditional cherry blossom festivities this spring.

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