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Acclaim Collective’s anti-G8 meeting project

Now, we are planning the split CD (maybe) project called “Punks Against G8” (it’s still a tentative name) against the G8 meeting, because the 2008’s G8 meeting is held in Toya Lake, Hokkaido Japan. We plan to make this a series. About the first project, the participation of GOTCHA (they are a Japanese anarcho-punks) has been decided already.

We post it here as soon as the details are decided.

Also please check this info : NO G8 ACTION JAPAN

Fight against G8!

Shut them down!

Kazu / Acclaim Collective

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Acclaim Collectives

Acclaim is an anarcho-punk, political hardcore-punk non-profit label/distro from Tokyo/Japan. We also are distributing DIY fanzines, anarchist books and radical newspapers/pamphlets besides those records, cd’s, cassettes, and are supporting info on international anarchist movement (in Japan especially). We resist capitalist and authoritarian who oppressed our desire, standardize our soul, takes our life and construct “hierarchical relations” and “hostile relations” in us. Moreover the most important thing for us is to pursue the pleasure of resistance. So we aim at “trust your desire”, “end of silence”, “reclaim the life”, and are performing propaganda of (A)cclaim against this fucking system. It’s based on the following message : “as long as we turn our anger and fears against ourselves – no system will fall” – Lost World

About “our” myspace :

We finally have the myspace, but we know that this “our” space will promote false communication (it’s capitalist lies!). Moreover we know that “a place for friends” is also everywhere except here (clean and shitty). We started this only for ourselves, people to whom we are interested, and people who get interested in us. So, when this is started, we think that we want to say as follows : No racists, No sexists, No homophobes, No borders, No nations, No gods, No masters. Do it yourself.


PS : Please remember. We are not “deadly serious”. We did not take the way which refuses myspace completely. Now, it is “mainstream” between DIY punk/hardcore or anarchist/activist movements. We simply turned our eyes there. But that “mainstream” is not the myspace (absolutely) but our distinguished services. We all have not participated to this capitalist system and are made to participate. First, we think it is important to recognize like this. Therefore, we will have to pay close attention to “only being used” by them. This is also an idea of our so-called “diversion” using their myspace. That is, this is our counterattack for us to meet “real people” and build the network of various resistance and love. So please fill this shitty place with our music, our words, our artwork, our photograph and our advertisement, and please change into “our color” (it is most shitty for this system). We will welcome it, but it will become only a certain constant share. Because here is not a medium of our “main”. We never trust any place given by the nation, capital, and this kind of commercial media which are going to normalize us globally. As expected, myspace owned by Rupert Murdoch who just accomplishes those cores claimed that this was “a place for friends”. However, we ourselves create such a place. “Life is in another place” is also this.

Our email address : acclaim@nomasters.com

Our web-site : acclaim.nomasters.com


Source: http://blog.myspace.com