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抵抗: About the project

A group of libertarian activists from Russia transmit information about the resistance against the summit of G8. Traditionally, the summit is to be hold by in one of these eight countries, which participate to the informal club G8 – this year it’s Japan’s turn. This site is about the resistance, and that is how the word 抵抗 is to be translated from Japanese.

Usually at the summits leaders decides about lobbying of laws, which allow multinational corporations lead the neo-liberal economical policy, which strengthen the social disparity and cause enormous damage to the nature. In the same time, the decisions are shown as humanistic, essential and as if they work in aim to solve the global problems in the world. The main discussions are hold strictly closed from all journalists or other observers, so we can only guess, what kind of topics are to be discussed and how by the economical leaders of the world.

The lies of the engaged politics about the reasons of the wars, ecological catastrophes, hunger and misery in the third word countries, about the scale of the results, such as epidemics and increasing migration lead to this situation, where more and more people don’t believe their governments. Information is spread through people, leaving aside mass-medias. Activists unite to groups, initiatives, to work together for alternative projects. Seeking after changes, they start to struggle. During the summits of G8 they mobilize and protest, and about their actions its already impossible to be silent.

We want to spread the alternative appraisal about the G8 as wide as possible, document the protests of civil movements and activists and present this in Russian language – for all interested and critically thinking people.


Source: www.teiko.info