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Model G8 Youth Summit

The Model G8 Youth Summit (abbr. the Model G8) is a simulated diplomatic conference organized and executed by students and youths from around the world. The Model G8 was first established in 2006 as a means to organize the results of discussions held by students prior to the actual G8 Summit, and presenting these conclusions as an alternative voice to international society. That April, the first Summit was held in St.Petersburg, Russia, with delegations consisting of eight members each representing a G8 country, along with EU and UN representatives.

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The following Model G8, held in Berlin, Germany, additionally brought Chinese, Brazilian, and South African representatives as observers, and the final declaration was distributed to government officials. The 2008 Japan Summit is the third such conference.

The single most unique characteristic of the Model G8 Youth Summit is the opportunity presented to participants to act as government representatives, secretaries, and sherpas. As heads of government and ministers, students and youths will argue their respective positions regarding a topic set by the organizing committee, and ultimately agree upon a bearing towards resolution, which will then be cemented as a common declaration. At times, the Model G8 does not agree with the conclusions of the actual G8. Regardless, or perhaps because of it, participants work hard to meld the official standing of their respective countries and their own opinion, and learn to set clear goals through diplomatic talks with representatives of other countries. In this respect, participants are given the opportunity to truly experience international relations as they occur in real life.

Following the two previous conferences, Japan will host the 3rd in 2008.


Source: www.modelg8japan.org