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A Different World is Possible!--A Statement of the Anti-G8 Summit Hokkaido (Ainu Mosir) Liaison

We are against the G8 Summit at Lake Toya and do not condoneneo-liberal globalization. (By neo-liberalism, we are identifying themovement to abolish various restrictions to capital toward alaissez-faire modus operandi. While the world becomes a cross-bordermarket via this kind of globalization and powerful companies inpowerful states amass more and more power, many people in the worldare forced to live in starvation and poverty, and are subject to grossdestruction of their livelihood.)

From July 7th to July 9th, 2008, the G8 Summit will be held at LakeToya, Hokkaido. Participants of the so-called Group of Eight consistof the United States, Britain, Italy, Germany, France, Japan, Canada,and Russia, whose total populationis come to merely 14% of the world'stotal population. Nonetheless, those eight countries claim that theyshould make the whole world's most important decisions.

We can no longer allow insecurity of our livelihood and employment,nor the deterioration of our working conditions.

We have had enough disparities in our society, yet they are on theincrease all around the world.

Imported agricultural products have been increasing under the name offree trade. Farmers cannot continue to farm if nothing is done. Thesafety of our food is being threatened. We are all facing greatdifficulty. This is happening all around the globe.

Environmental issues are dealt with at the egotistical whims ofsuperpowers which have promoted the use of dangerous and ineffectivenuclear power under the color of CO2 reduction. This too goes onacross the world.

G8 countries have made the world a casino of speculative capital. Theprice of oil rises suddenly; the price of grains go up. Then, asusual, the people are the ones who suffer. It is the lives of peopleall over the world that are placed on the betting tables of capital'scasinos.

Poverty is expanding around the world. G8 countries hold in hostileregard countries in Central and South America that have taken a standagainst poverty.

War and police states are strewn about the globe. New weapons aredeveloped one after another, and G8 countries sell them worldwide. Inthe name of anti-terrorist policies, peace, human rights, anddemocracy are in great jeapardy.

We think the globalization promoted by the G8 countries causes theseissues. In solidarity with ordinary people around the world, we areresolutely against their neo-liberal globalization.

We fight in solidarity with the socially oppressed and discriminated,such as people with disabilities and women.

G8 countries have a long history slaughtering and oppressingindigenous peoples. Moreover, Japan, the summit chair, does notrecognize the aboriginal rights of the Ainu people. We do not condonethese injustices and fight in solidarity with the people of Hokkaidousing all forms of speach, behavior, and expression nominallywarranted by the Constitution of Japan.

We appeal to all thinking people: let's put our minds together, raiseour voices in all our diverse ways and fight!

January 22, 2008

Source: http://linux7.sanpal.co.jp