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The Road to Hokkaido 2008

Bild: Official map

Information and dates will be listed when they are available.

July 7-9, 2008
See Summit Plans and Preparations, compiled by the G8 Research Group

June 26-27, 2008
G8 Foreign Ministers Meeting, Kyoto

June 13-14, 2008
G8 Finance Ministers Meeting, Osaka

June 11-13, 2008
G8 Justice and Home Affairs Ministers Meeting, Tokyo

Early June 2008
G8 Energy Ministers Meeting, Aomori

May 28-30, 2008
Fourth Tokyo International Conference on African Development (TICAD), Yokohama

May 24-26, 2008
G8 Environment Ministers Meeting, Kobe

May 11-13, 2008
G8 Labour Ministers Meeting, Niigata

Early April 2008
G8 Development Ministers Meeting, Tokyo

March 14-16, 2008
G20 Conference on Global Warming and Clean Energy, Chiba, Tokyo


Source: G8 Information Centre