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Repression in Osaka, Japan, as city bids for G8 2008

There has been a series of arrests in Osaka against the homeless liberation movement. Several activists, including anarchists, have been detained on serious charges. These arrests follow a number of attacks by Osaka city against homeless people and their supporters.

Osaka is a candidate location for hosting the G8 summit of 2008, and will host the World Athletic Championships next year. As with these kinds of international projects of finance, we can expect excluded people to be displaced, criminalized and attacked in the course of these events. The recent preparations for the World Rose Convention held in Osaka saw a number of attacks against homeless people and their self-organized activity. The recent arrests of these good-hearted people is a repressive act against the social movements, and our first impulse is to increase and internationalise the fight of all homeless, all squatters and all marginalized/ exploited people!

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