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Roundtable on g8 Resistance: Perspectives for the Next Phase of Global Anti-Capitalist Uprisings


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Interventions # 1

first appeared in Issue 6 of Upping the Anti: a Journal of Theory and Action.

The G8 is more than a place where neoliberal trade agreements are authored. It is also a space where the legitimacy of global governance is reproduced. In 2005, 300,000 people took to the streets in Edinburgh to ask the G8 for a solution to poverty. By 2007, antagonism and dissent prevailed once again. We are entering a period that could mark the resurgence of positive dynamics from the earlier phase of global uprisings. But have we learned from the past? Can we build our interventions on new and more stable ground?

These are the questions that guide the following roundtable discussion with Hanne Jobst (Germany), Saby & Go (Japan), Miranda (Italy), and Jaggi Singh (Canada). The participants highlight the necessity of rooting global insurgency in everyday struggles and consider whether the global circulation of struggles is enabled by continuous networks or events like summit protests.

Kriss Sol is an Amsterdam-based activist researcher. He has been involved in summit protests and local organizing around global issues for several years.

Source: http://uppingtheanti.org/node/3070