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[Gipfelsoli Infogruppe] Legal Update Heiligendamm February 9th 2007

Global Action Day in Heiligendamm: About 20 Protestors are welcomed by dozens of policemen, a water-cannon truck and a police boat.

People that walk around in Heiligendamm are stopped and asked for identification by police. One of them was visited afterwards at his home adress. Policemen question her parents.

Since the beginning of 2006 the police have a station in the “dorf” of Heiligendamm, with a population of 200.

Undercover police hide amongst the audience of a workshop from the Infotour in Greifswald, Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania

Undercover police attend Infotour workshop in Schwerin, videotapes participants as they leave.

New police law for Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania (the region/“bundesland”) is announced.

G8 Ministers of Interior meet in Wismar to plan G8.

It became public that Ministery of Interior Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania formed a special police unit for preparing the summit. Its name is “BAO Kavala” (which somehow ryhmes with “riot” in German) and started with at least 100 policemen. Half a year later it came out that they are already working since January 1st 2006. Their leader, who calls himself “Polizei-Fuhrer”, Knut Abramowski, participated at past summits such as the WTO in Hong Kong 2005 or G8 2005 in Gleneagles.

In Rostock the first “Action Conference” took place. Media is reporting that violence protest was prepared.

Anti G8-Group in Greifswald, Northern Germany, was observed by police with a van parked outside their meeting place. In the van were observation cameras.

Nazis organized their traditional federal 1st of May march this year in Rostock. Both for police as well as left protestors the demonstrations are seen as a “warm up”. Minster of Interior Timm defamed protestors in advance.

In Hildesheim an Infotour workshop was visited by civil police. They asked to see specific organizers and had to be forced to leave.

A group of 7 young people was searched by police in Heiligendamm.

At a festival in Lindau, in the Southern German region of Bavaria, police look around the infotable and ask for one concrete person.

New police law for Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania decided in the parliament. It makes it more easy for police to make passport-controls, video surveillance, DNA analysis, etc.

Knut Abramowski, head of “Kavala”, writes a welcoming note for George Bush that will visit Stralsund (near Rostock).

Berlin Verfassungsschutz (“Berlin Office for the Protection of the Constitution”) places at least 4 informers in the Berlin Socialforum. 3 of them were involved in G8 preparations.

Infotour audience in Turin, Italy, is observed by civil police. Activists and their car are controlled later.

At a festival in Dorfen (Bavaria) police seized some anti g8-materials.

Meanwhile the “CampInski”, a preparation camp against the G8, police announce “security level 4” for Heiligendamm and its surroundings. This allows them to stop and check people without suspicion. Heiligendamm is 35 kilometres away from “CampInski”.

After an action of collectivly swimming by hundreds of people in Heiligendamm police attacks returming activists in a train with pepperspray. Children in the train are nearby and affected by the spray.

Knut Abramowski, chief of “Kavala”, claims publically that their job is primarily to secure the meeting of the G8, secondarily to care about demonstrations. It becomes public that for the G8 air and sea are controlled by Army and Navy.

The advertised bidding for the security fence is announced.

“Kavala” moves from Rostock to the police barracks in Waldeck. Waldeck is located 25 kilometres in the south of Rostock, directly at the motorway and close to the airport Laage.

Official request for police forces from other federal states was announced.

Police claims publically in their audiences and website that “damages” caused during the G8 have to be paid by those found responsible.

After the elections, the German “Linkspartei/PDS” (Socialist Party) gave up their seat as Minister of Interior in Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania to the CDU (Christian Democrats).

Police release that the number of police in “Kavala” are raised from 100 to 126.

Police film a demonstration of the anti-deportation “No Lager Network” in Rostock. When asked why they claim to make “operational reconnaissance”. Police are legally only allowed to film if crimes are expected.

A parlamentarian from “Linkspartei/PDS” made an official request to ask “Kavala” about their participation with secret services, also from other countries. Police say they will not answer that. They will not publish their operational concept.

“Kavala” threatens that are not willing to tolerate any blockade during the G8 and that blockades will be evicted immediately.

In Rostock the security conference SECON took place. It was a meeting of heads of police from G8 countries and Europol. Two topics were on the agenda: Evaluation of the world championship and the organization of security architecture against G8 protests. After the conference the chief of the Federal Criminal Police Office, Ziercke, said to the press that the G8 will face “security requirements as never seen before”.

Federal Criminal Police Office and police state that they had to face lots of activists from other countries that might be “violent”. These protestors will be stopped before leaving to Heiligendamm. Also Islamistic terrorists “might be interested”. Security forces are “very concerned”. For the first time it was announced that also the sea in Heiligendamm will get a fence of 12 kilometres length.

Company MZS from Bargeshagen, Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania, gets the bid and starts to build the fence.

It became public that Office for the Protection of the Constitution tried to hire an informant in Frankfurt/ Oder. Beside other incentives money was offered by an undercover policeman to participate and then give information from the Dissent!-meeting in Osnabruck.

2 policemen officially took part at the meeting of “G8 and war” near the Bombodrom (military bombing range between Berlin and Rostock). Before being kicked out, “Thomas” and “Steffi” declared that they only wanted to help to avoid having people commit crimes.

Around the meeting to plan migrant actions for the G8 several racist stops and ID checks happened. Police intimidate participants.

Vice Admiral Kühn from german Navy announces “civil-military-collaboration” for the G8.

Minsiter of Interior of Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania, Caffier (CDU), raises the amount of police for the summit from 12.000 to 16.000.

The main responsibility for security will be taken by the “Innenministerkonferenz” (Conference of federal ministerials of Interior). Their new chairman, Körting (SPD), states that the threat at G8 is bigger than at the world soccer championship.

Police raided Köpi squat in Berlin for reasons of licence violation. They are very interested in Anti G8-material.

Local Newspaper reports that german Army is preparing for G8. In March there will start common trainings with Army, Police, Fire Brigades and Medics.

Federal Minister of Interior, Schäuble (CDU), gives public warnings concerning anti-G8 “left extremist terror groups”, claiming they are networking with groups such as ETA in Spain, and FARC in Colombia, without giving any proof.

Before the NATO conference in Munich (Bavaria) police raided 11 locations to confiscate a flyer against NATO- and G8-summit. 9 people were taken to the police station, 12 computers were seized.

A Youth Centre in Erlangen (Bavaria) was searched for flyers against NATO- and G8-summit.

Activists showed up at the construction site of the fence in Heiligendamm to give an interview to Deutsche Welle Radio. They were forced by police to show their identity cards. One who asked for the reason of the ID check had his arm heavily pushed to his back, and was pressed towards the fence.

Chief of the Office for the Protection of the Constitution Fromm intentionally misinterprets militant attacks as violent against people, although all militant attacks have been against private property.

German Office for the Protection of the Constitution publishes a text about berlin groups preparing against G8. They are blamed as “left-extremists” that want to change the system. Most quotes were taken from a dissent!-brochure.

Local newspaper reports that owners of camping sites near Heiligendamm work together with the Ministery of Interior.

Local newspaper reports that police units are searching abandonned companies for setting up flexible, mobile prison cages. These are known from anti-nuclear protests.