11th December 2009 Copenhagen

- Danish police arrest 35 climate protesters
- International medics targeted by police at COP 15
- 11 Greenpeace protesters held after EU summit stunt
- Surveillance data to be delivered to the police
- Danish Police Seize Protest Equipment
- COP15: First demo on the move
- COP15: German activists eye Bella Center

Danish police arrest 35 climate protesters

COPENHAGEN: Danish police on Friday arrested 35 anti-capitalist climate protesters as a preventive measure due to suspicions they may commit illegal acts, a police spokesman said.

The 35 Danes and foreigners, members of the "Our Climate - Not Your Business" group, were taken to a detention centre set up especially for the UN climate conference and could be held for up to 12 hours without charges being pressed, police spokesman Rasmus Bernt Skovgaard said.

Police also arrested five other people for various misdemeanours, Skovgaard said.

More: http://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/home/environment/global-warming/Danish-police-arrest-35-

International medics targeted by police at COP 15

11 members of the Action Medics group were detained by Copenhagen cops today before even reaching a demonstration.

Medics including two qualified paramedics, two Red Cross cadets and other trained first-aiders from the UK, Norway, Germany and other countries were stopped in a series of incidents in the Christianshavn area. They were searched three or four times each, photographed and held in cages at Valby temporary police station for 6 hours. Arresting units included numbers 702 and 724.

More: http://indymedia.dk/articles/1510

11 Greenpeace protesters held after EU summit stunt

BRUSSELS - Eleven Greenpeace activists were arrested after breaching European Union (EU) security and carrying out a climate protest as European heads of state and government arrived for a Brussels summit, the group said Friday.

The protesters surprised arriving VIPs, including British Prime Minister Gordon Brown, as they jumped out of vehicles in a "Greenpeace motorcade" before the summit got underway on Thursday.

Wearing fake access badges, the protesters chanted slogans, handed out tracts and unfurled banners reading "EU Save Copenhagen" during their brief intervention under the eyes of the world's press and bemused security guards.

More: http://newsinfo.inquirer.net/breakingnews/world/view/20091211-241378/11-Greenpeace-protesters-held-after-EU-summit-stunt

Surveillance data to be delivered to the police

The Central Office of Roads (vejdirektoratet) has made a secret and most likely illegal deal with the police about delivering video material of big roads in the Copenhagen area after the climate conference.

The Central Office of Roads monitors big roads to gather statistical information about traffics. It's normal to gather this kind of information, and they don't save the data but deletes it regularly. They don't monitor all roads, but it's normal to monitor major traffical intersections in Copenhagen. According to the personal data legislation, it is only legal to monitor public roads if they can guarantee that the data is deleted again.

More: http://indymedia.dk/articles/1473

Danish Police Seize Protest Equipment

Jens Dresling/Associated Press

Colored shields, fluorescent tubes filled with a mix of oil and paint, boxes with paint bombs and several bolt cutters were on display after being confiscated by Danish police during a pre-dawn raid in Copenhagen on Wednesday.

COPENHAGEN — Nearly 200 makeshift shields, scores of paint bombs and other equipment, including nine platforms with crude staircases, were seized early Wednesday in a police raid on a building that city officials had provided as free housing for activists visiting Copenhagen during international climate talks here.

More: http://www.nytimes.com/2009/12/10/science/earth/10protest.html

COP15: First demo on the move

A demonstration is under way – the first of the COP15 Climate Summit, with a start-up group of some 100 demonstrators under a ‘Don’t buy the lie’ slogan.

The following list of 15 companies and organisations has been handed out to demonstrators as targets for the demonstration.

DI (confederation of Danish industries)
Bright Green Xpo at Forum (arranged by DI)
Danish Energy Association
Dan Forestry
Plastic and Packaging Industries of Denmark
Dansk Byggeri
Mandag Morgen think tank
Ieta - International Emissions Trading Organization

More: http://politiken.dk/newsinenglish/article857437.ece

COP15: German activists eye Bella Center

200 activists meeting in a culture hall in Kreuzberg near Berlin to discuss how to take over COP15 at the Bella Center for a day. – Foto: Astrid Dalum
Activists from Berlin have planned how to take over COP15. Politiken was at the final planning meeting.

By Laura Marie Sørensen, Berlin

They know how wide the stream around the Bella Center is. They know the lay of the land, and they’ve found out that swimming goggles are the best protection against teargas.

German activists from Berlin have prepared themselves well on how to take over the Bella Center, and they will soon be on their way to Copenhagen.

More: http://politiken.dk/newsinenglish/article856355.ece