Anti-NATO Protest In Bucharest

Some 40 militants left Thursday, around 17:30 local time, in a march from their base in Bucharest’s Timpuri Noi area carrying flags with anti-NATO writings.
The flags carried by protesters read, in Romanian and English, “Ne-ati zdrobit oasele, dar nu si ideile / NATO out of Bucharest” (you have crushed our bones, but not our ideas) and “Stop the war, stop NATO”.
The protesters were chanting “Stop the war” and “Stop NATO,” while one of them pounded on a drum.

The group reached the National Forensics Institute where they required official examination of the wounds they claimed were inflicted by police during an intervention Wednesday.

Bild: Bukarest

Among those who requested examination was also Gheorghe Zugravu, who claimed he was beaten by gendarmes during the incident.

Romanian security forces broke into a factory in Bucharest that has been rented by the anti-NATO protesters and took away 46 suspected activists for identity checks. Eight other people were picked up off the street and brought to police precincts together with the protesters.