Help German anti-G8 activist Martin Kramer, repressed in Russian Far East

3rd of March Martin Kramer was arrested by police of the city of Vanino in Habarovsk region in Russian Far East, and was beaten up by the FSB agents. Martin is a German citizen, who is coordinating travel of activists to counter-summit against G8 in Japan in summer of 2008. He was about to travel to Sakhalin island by a boat. Martin was accused of carrying "extremist" and "secret" documents.

Around 10 AM Martin and his acquaintance from Nahodka bought tickets to a boat to Sakhalin. While they were waiting for boat, they were approached by police.

He said he is police officer Aleksandr Petrovich Kravchuk, and he demanded that Martin and his acquaintance should follow him to a police station. Their documents were checked and they were released.

But soon Martin was released another time, and again taken to a police station. This time he was interrogated by FSB agents. Leader of the agents presented a document with name Yevgeni Malakhov. FSB agents illegally took Martin's documents, notebook, personal stuff, he was searched and then beaten up. According to Martin, he was beaten with fists and feet, then he was taken to 4th floor of the police station and threaten that he will be thrown out from the window, and afterwards agents would fabricate that it was an accident. FSB agents refused to invite a consul, and they gave him "advocate", a woman who did not showed any documents but who acted like just another agent.

Among property of Martin, police found archival document from 1920's or 1930's with stamp "secret", and he was accused of possession of secret documents. Martin attempted to explain that these documents have been made public a long time ago, and he was working with them due to his research work. Agents ignored his explanations, and also claimed that Ukrainian paper "Liva-Sprava" and paper of Autonomous Action of Vladivostok "Udar' is extremist press.

After few hours Martin was released from the police station, taken to a car and thrown out to one of the streets of the city. Martin was late from the ship, and he demanded a new ticket, but he was refused. Then he was able to get to a phone booth, from where he could call to his friends in Moscow, but suddenly connection was disrupted. We do not know what his happening with Martin right now.

Police in Vanino is currently refusing from comments, as it is already night in Vanino (+7 hours from Moscow time, +10 hours CET).

Please make a phone call and ask what is up with Martin:

Numbers of police and administration in Vanino
Municipal administration

fax: : +7 (42-137) 55-252
phone: +7 (42-137) 55-102

ROVD: +7 (42-137) 7-10-01
LOVD: +7 (42-137) 5-76-69
Prosecutor's office: +7 (42-137) 7-13-43