Japanese Budget: 31.9 Billion Yen to G8 Summit, including 15.5 Billion Security Costs

December 20, 2007. The original proposal of the fiscal 2008 made by
Finance ministry, which was approved by the cabinet meeting on the morning
of December 20th, contains 31.9 billion yen in total related to Lake Toya
G8 summit. The total 15.5 billion yen budget is allocated to the
precaution/security expense related to the National Police Agency and the
material facilities for the large scale disaster. While the security
measures around Lake Toya will be set up by police units ordered up from
all over the country, it will take precautions against demonstrations and
riots by anti-globalization activist forces from foreign countries and
keep a careful watch over the Tokyo metropolitan area.

Bild: IPO

13.4 billion yen is allocated to the realm related to the Ministry of
Foreign Affairs, including administrative costs for setting up the
communication infrastructures such as fiber optics to the conference rooms
and the media centers, for renting the venue, and so on. The budget also
includes a series of international conferences like G8 Foreign Ministers’
Meeting in advance of Lake Toya summit.

In addition, 940 million yen is assigned to the Defense Ministry for
repairing helicopters for VIP transportation and the communication
expenses; 400 million yen to the Land, Infrastructure, and Transportation
Ministry for bulletproofing patrol boats of Japan Coast Guard which will
undertake the maritime security operations. Moreover, 2007 fiscal year
supplementary budget gives 3.3 billion yen in relation to G8 summit,
including the maintenance of the communication infrastructure and the
repair expenses of guard ships and helicopters.