Salud! Last week, in thursday, four people from Slovenia, going to Prague meeting, were refused to enter Czech Republic. We went with a car and since they were checking everyone who was not Czech or Austrian, they check our passports in the computer and stopped us. Me and my friend were taken to the office, where they wrote some protocol, which ofcourse was in czhech and we didn't understand it. Between that, they searched the car. They just said we have to go back, showing on me and my friend. It was probably because we were arrested two years ago on demonstrations in Prague, even if we were not accused. We tried again the next day on another border and it was the same. When we asked, they said, prohibition is until 1.december. We wanted first to make trubles on the border, but we had two dogs with us and were to tired. Later, I found out that they have all rights according to the law, for such fascist behaviour, and they can send you back without explanations. And they sen! d all car back, even if just one person in suspicious. So, it's the best to use train in such cases.

Next day, another car was coming to czech borders with people from Croatia and Slovenia. They were totally searched, bookes were searched, politically questioning etc., but they couldn't find anything more, so they let them go. They manage to come to Prague.

It is important that we are ready for VERY BIG BORDER CONTROL, because it's TWO MONTHS before demos and we were really not expecting so big control.

[anonym, mit der bitte um weiterleitung]